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  • P2P Cryptocurrency Exchanges

    What are P2P Cryptocurrency Exchanges? P2P is a decentralized exchange of cryptocurrency directly between users. All logistics are carried out… Keep Reading

  • How To Mine Litecoin (2019)

    Mining the Litecoin Speaking as simply as possible, the mining of Lightcoins is the process of performing computational operations on… Keep Reading





Ended ICOs

STRYKZ – The Token for All Football Fans

Strykz ICO Review With the World Cup raging on, there is no doubt that football is the most popular sport in the world. Fans are not content with simply being spectators, however, they want to be part of the game. This has been made possible with the emergence of fantasy football, which football fans across… Keep Reading

Upcoming ICOs

COTRADER – Assets Made Easy

Cotrader ICO Review If you are in the game of trading assets or currency, you will know that there is a lot of red tape involved. All trades usually have to go through a number of intermediaries before it can be finalised. Would it not be nice if there was a way to avoid all… Keep Reading

Live ICOs

HUMANCOIN – Cryptocurrency for Charities

HumanCoin ICO Review Charities around the world have begun to open their eyes to the possibilities offered by cryptocurrency. In the cryptocurrency community there is an untapped resource of donors that charities could have access to if they have a method of accepting donations in cryptocurrency. Like most businesses, the majority of charities are not… Keep Reading

Ended ICOs

INSCOIN – Insurance Policies on the Blockchain

InsCoin ICO Review For many people, the insurance industry can be a minefield to navigate. Although there are many legitimate insurance companies that do have their customers best interests at heart, there are also some bad apples. Horror stories of how customers have had their claims rejected due to a technicality are widespread. One the… Keep Reading

Live ICOs

VANIG – The Future of Shopping

Vanig ICO Review Shopping has undergone an immense transformation over the past couple of decades. Physical retail stores are in a constant race to compete with online stores, which have lower overheads and more flexibility. The shopping wars will probably go on for some time to come, but in the meantime, developers are working on… Keep Reading

Ended ICOs

PAYERA – New Era of the Crypto World

Payera Review Whilst blockchain technology has a multitude of purposes (one only has to shoot a quick glance at the many diverse ICOs out there), the main one is still money and financial transactions. It is easy to understand why this is the case given the many intermediaries involved in financial transactions between companies. Every… Keep Reading

Live ICOs

BGX – Mobile Gaming Payment Processing

BGX Review In the world of cryptocurrency, it is, obviously, all about the money. In the world of mobile gaming, money is definitely a deciding factor as well. As a matter of fact, the industry reached a total revenue of $30 billion last year alone. The projections for this year are even bigger, and experts… Keep Reading

Live ICOs

NEXTPAKK – Crowdsourced Parcel Delivery

NextPakk Review NextPakk is the next generation of parcel delivery services. Too often, customers who order products online miss their deliveries, because the parcel delivery services are unable to deliver at a time that is convenient for the customer. Most people have a nine to five job, and are only able to receive deliveries during… Keep Reading

Live ICOs

U RUN IT – Letting Users Control Online Casinos

U Run It Review The market for online casinos is one of the few industries that sees a rapid and consistent growth. Based on the growth of the industry from 2017 to now, the market capacity is expected to have doubled in just five years by 2022. Whilst the gambling industry has come a long… Keep Reading

Ended ICOs

QURREX – First Hybrid Crypto Exchange

Qurrex Review For those of you who are already investing and trading in various cryptocurrencies, exchanges are not a new phenomenon. However, few cryptocurrency exchanges have a built-in hybrid system that allows you to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat and vice versa. Qurrex is an ICO that promises to change the landscape for cryptocurrency exchanges by… Keep Reading

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