The choice of a digital currency investment exchange may be a difficult task. There are various considerations like the site characteristics, graphics, and charts interface. They can also select investment pairs, applicable charges, safety, and client support. Among several exchanges in the world today, we have Recently, they have become quite popular. They boast of being one of the most leveraged digital currency exchanges globally.

Who is

It’s a digital derivative currency investment site. They normally put more emphasis on leverage investments. They drive with a maximum of up to a hundred times on Bitcoin/dollar as well as the Ether/dollar investment pairs. Their derivative platform gives various contracts that follow digital currency pricing. This is not the typical digital currency asset.
Located in the regions of Singapore, they legally exist to perform investment exchanges. It involves the regions surrounding the British Virgin Islands. According to them, they usually boost investors who cut across the globe. Places such as Europe, Japan, and Korea are some of them. They have a group of experts coming from the Foreign Exchange (Forex) industry. Besides the bank sector, it includes the earliest blockchain actors as well.

Advanced Features

Comparatively the company has extra outstanding features at the advanced level. These include their latest innovation on intuitive client’s interface. It also includes plus the digital investment application available on mobile platforms. Clients enrolled with can also enjoy the discount of 10 % on fees which is part of their promotion. They have made this possible on the Binance platform. This is excellent news for consumers signed up with Coinbase and FTX. They now have an opportunity also to enjoy the promotional discounts as well as cheaper fees.

Taking Profits and Stopping Loss Orders

Clients to can set up a take profit or loss orders. Indeed, it is a beautiful characteristic made available by other exchange platforms. They have designed the platform in a very unique manner. So, any given trader can monitor and maintain the appropriate risk management. This is so especially when making plans for a trade and adjusting risks once a position goes live. Consumers can drag limit orders available on the charts.

Scoop $600 in Rewards From their Reward Hub

This derivative platform came into the picture in the year 2018. Here investors can invest with coins like BTC, ETH, and Ripple. If you are looking for a bonus from an exchange platform, you can choose their platform for big wins. Clients have a chance to grab a $600 bonus from via simplified steps. By the automatic application, a referral code will be present. You can, therefore, create an account with the platform. Alternatively, follow this link. It will provide additional information on their bonus program.
Earning a maximum of $600 bonus with is possible through the completion of easy tasks. They only require you to create an account, then complete the simple tasks in order to claim your rewards. It’s just for you, from them.
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