Ever come across a ZKP abbreviation? In short, it’s the Zero-Knowledge Proof. This is simply a protocol. It is useful for entities that want to safeguard their secret details. It is merely factual without necessarily letting the secret out of the bag.

ZKP Authentication and Application

This is a scenario that involves a prover and a verifier. The protocol may be into distinct aspects. That is, interactive or non-interactive. A good instance is when the ‘verifier’ takes to the ‘prover’ an H (hash). In this case, the proving side proofs that the other party has secretive information. It has the capability to hash to H.
The proving party produces a ZKP caring a prove that the verifying party has its data that can hash. In fact, no information revelation made to the verifying party. This will be regarding the information thereof.

Authentication Protocol

In the authenticity process, the proving agent makes proof. This drives the verifying agent towards the possession of a secret identity. Think of a case where the proving side has RSA or EC (Asymmetric Key Pairs). They can make use of the privatized key to issue a response. This will be a given problem sent as proof with the privatized key. In all cases, the privatized key is non-revealing. Although the verifying party might have proof of possession of the privatized. The ‘prover’ with all correctness executes several computations. Therefore, information transfer is not without making any revelation concerning the encapsulated secrets.

How Does the Blockchain Technology Relate with ZKP?

Back to the crypto world brief, we have a blockchain system. It incorporates a distinct listing of records. These records are usually cumulatively managed by many entities globally. These entities possess lists with blockchain. This grants all involved entities in viewing entire transactions in the network. Therefore, there is no provision of private information or anonymity. The ZKP grants privacy, especially when dealing with transactions that require confidentiality. Therefore, offering a method to prove that transactions made with clarity. Thus, the party’s secret data is not revealed. Such data evolves around the amounts and addresses used in the entire transaction.

Where is ZKP Applied?

The Zero Knowledge Proof applies in several aspects. Especially when dealing with information that needs encapsulation. One of the areas worth applying the ZKP framework is when preserving confidentiality. Data involved in the whole setup goes through encryption. Any proof posted for proves is then done with correctness. Another area where the ZKP application is to optimize the overall performance. This helps for apps supplied in the blockchain system. In this case, the app codes implementation is off-chain. It can also happen through a given computer. This might be available in the blockchain system.
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