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The Ultimate Guide To Bitcoin (Updated 2019)

Bitcoin is an ordinary computer program. Only it is located not on any separate computer or server, but directly on the millions of computers that communicate directly with each other through this program. Torrents work according to a similar principle. You install the program, and someone else does the same. After that, you can transfer… Keep Reading

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The Best Bitcoin Debit Cards (Updated 2019)

What are Bitcoin debit cards? With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, many people have a question – how can Bitcoin be cashed? One of the most popular and already available methods is plastic bitcoin cards. Thoughts about creating a debit card, linked to cryptocurrency, appeared long ago – back in 2011. The prospects were obvious… Keep Reading

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The Ultimate Guide To Cryptocurrency Exchanges (2019)

The Ultimate Guide To Cryptocurrency Exchanges A cryptocurrency exchange is a special platform that offers a wide range of functions to users of a crypto network. Here you can exchange virtual coins between yourself and fiat money, buy and sell, and make money on the difference in rates. Unlike exchange offices, stock exchange participants get… Keep Reading

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Can Blockchain Scale?

Blockchain Scalability Issue: Is The Future As Bright As It Seems? Ever since the world stumbled upon the word cryptocurrency, there has been a continuous excitement amongst tech-savvy enthusiasts. Blockchain innovations only add more to the drama by introducing more advancements to existing models and working on newer ones. Not long ago, no one would… Keep Reading

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The Ultimate Guide To Launching An ICO

The ultimate guide to launching an ICO The ICO industry today is full of various offers. Investors can sort out for a long time, but as a result, they invest their own money in “young” projects, ensuring profit for themselves and developers. Newcomers to the cryptocurrency world are inspired by the success of their experienced… Keep Reading

security token
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Security Token Exchanges

Security Tokens Many financial analysts criticize cryptocurrencies due to the lack of their intrinsic value. To counter this criticism, many exchange firms introduced stable coins. Stable coins are nothing but tokens with some value attached to it. The asset for the cryptocurrency token can be anything such as diamonds, land or even gold. The value… Keep Reading

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What is an ICO?

What is an ICO? In the blockchain world, we use a host of terminologies that can be really confusing to outsiders. It’s like a random person watching Bloomberg or trying to follow the happenings in Wall Street. That would probably not understand half the things being said because it’s usually full of economic jargon. One… Keep Reading

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Decentralized Applications (DApps): Chartering new Avenues

Decentralized Applications (DApps): Chartering new Avenues It is evident how much the internet impacts our daily life today. It allows us to buy, sell, send, receive and communicate in milliseconds. Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. are all centralized apps with a single entity on the back-end server. But, centralized applications do have… Keep Reading

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The Ultimate Guide To Blockchain Events (Updated 2018)

The Ultimate Blockchain Event Calendar (Updated 2018) The number of blockchain events and conferences has exploded in 2018, and will most likely continue to grow in 2019. We’ve put together a blockchain event calendar for you, so you never miss out on any of these events. The blockchain event calendar is a work in progress,… Keep Reading

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