There are many terms used to refer to deals or transactions in the crypto space. Flippening means – a most likely future experience when Ether wins over Bitcoin. This is in terms of the coin value and capitalization in the marketplace.

None Seems Competitive

Since 2009, Bitcoin has held the first position of most valued digital coin globally. There are other virtual coins in the space but none of them seems competitive. In the year 2017, BTC capitalization in the marketplace garnered.
It has at least 86 percent of the market capital. Since 2017, the BTC unit has increased causing a fall in its market share. The current levels are below 60%. Simultaneously, several other digital currencies have entered the space.
Currencies like Ether have increasingly gained a share in the marketplace. We have various metrics useful in measuring the importance of crypto. The value of any digital currency is measurable. Most individuals mention ‘coin Flippening’ as an occurrence. And they normally point at Ether winning over BTC. This is especially in the issues of value and capitalization.

Possible Causes of Coin Flippening

The cap (capitalization) in the market of any digital currency has a loose definition. It is eventually caused by its circulating distribution. This distribution or simply supply is usually multiplied by the real-time market price.
It’s so, even though several measures don’t necessarily consider coins. This is the case even for the missing tokens. Presently, BTC is at the top. That is the case, especially when looking at market capitalization. Behind it, we have Ethereum which may achieve the coin Flippening aspect someday.
But what would trigger coin Flippening in the current world of cryptocurrencies? Yes, Bitcoin is a popular coin today going by the market value. Its dominating power decreased significantly in recent times.
The decrease was much seen around June and July 2017 as well as in the first months of 2018. Within this season, most Ether fans hoped to see a game-changing event. There were huge speculations stating bigger flexibility. The capacity to create smart contracts may trigger Ether over BTC in their positions. The expected Flippening never happened and still doesn’t seem to happen very soon.

Ether Still Tracing BTC

It is evident that BTC is the leading coin in the marketplace. But, the coin’s grip on the digital currency is losing significantly. This opens a prime opportunity for Ether to rise to the extreme. Flippening will become true due to many factors.
This includes counts in transactions, trade volumes, counts in nodes. It also includes the Google search activities, market cap, and so on.
With Flippening evolving, a question on differences between Ethereum and BTC comes. What can one conclude about the future of blockchain technology? Ethereum and its blockchain technology have raised significantly. This is primarily in the aspects of value.
It also applies to other apps created on the Ethereum blockchain. Looking back a bit in the year 2020/21, Ether and Ethereum chain has been a story on the lead. This story may turn the tables very soon.
Kayla Turner
Kayla Turner

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