Spencer Dinwiddie took advantage of the Monday media’s day and went further to hold a press event. He wore a brand-new Wizard jersey. This was after entering into a contract with the company last off-season.

Promoting Wizard’s Jersey

What if he had it his way? Then, Spencer would have definitely branded the jersey. And, either way, promoted the digital currency application he is investing in. That virtual coin would be Galaxy! Spencer insisted that he is trying to promote the Wizard’s jersey. Seeing that, the company is cutting ties with Geico. Now, this becomes a prime opportunity after the contract expiration. In his statement, Dinwiddie added that NBA rejected his plea. He says this was due to policies hindering teams from engaging with investors. This greatly results in the conflict of interest between investment owners and players.
Taking a segment of his statement, Spencer said that he wanted his firm to make the transaction. He wanted to purchase the patch and as well engage in a partnership. On the other hand, NBA had regulations that oppressed individuals business-wise. People cannot have venture deals with business owners and players and related stuff. Dinwiddie thought that this was a complete jar of BS. In fact, he would have gone ahead to commit himself to pay the whole price for it.

NBA Shot Down the Idea

According to Spencer, he thinks they were trading it at 12M dollars or something nearing that. He would really pay it like a bro! What if he puts his own jersey patch? It would sound baller-like just to join the new group adjacent to Capitol Hill. He says, wearing a jersey that reveals a digital currency patch would be great. Shockingly, NBA shot down the idea.
It still remains not clear whether funds would come from Spencer’s income or the firm’s turnovers. Dinwiddie is yet to make at least 17M dollars in next season and that may take away most of it. The promotion program is more on advertisements as well as exposure. It shows that Spencer is finding ways of promoting his business products to the entire world.

Lobbying Politicians

In a recent interview, Spencer gave an astonishing suggestion. He says that we would see politicians lobbied in regard to digital currency matters. It’s a good opportunity for Dinwiddie especially at such a time when he is playing in Washington DC. Early this week, he said that the basketball game shall kick off first. In his other statement, Spencer said something similar about playing their part. He says if they happen to get Brad for signing the super-max, he may an opportunity to link up with Joe Biden. The president had attended a Wizard playoff. This happened in the year 2017 in one of the Wizard’s courts. Joe Biden had come to support the home players.
He got noticed when one huge screen-captured him when a timeout was happening in the 2nd quarter. Now, that being the case, it looks as if Wizards can make it to the postseason, and then the team can catch up there.
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