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TokenCard Bitcoin Debit Card
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TokenCard Bitcoin Debit Card Review

Card Review: TokenCard In order for cryptocurrencies to be widely used and used, they must be easy and understandable to use, like ordinary money. Over the implementation of this direction, there are a lot of projects that create a lot of opportunities to use cryptocurrency. But perhaps the most important moment in the popularization of… Keep Reading

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How To Mine Ethereum

Mining Ethereum Many people often question how to mine Ethereum. They wish to understand the procedure involved in its mining and how it works. For starters, those who are aware of the procedure needed to mine Bitcoin will not find it very different. In fact, it is very similar to how Bitcoin is mined. Despite… Keep Reading

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What Is A Hardware Wallet?

What Is A Hardware Wallet? The main difficulty for users of Cryptocurrency is security. Crypto exchanges are ideal places to trade cryptocurrency, and they offer garage offerings, but there is a risk one suffers the loss of their asset in the event such websites get hacked. In the case the government takes the exchange down,… Keep Reading

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What Are Cryptocurrency Exchanges?

What Are Cryptocurrency Exchanges? As in the case of traditional financial assets, exchanges play a key role in the cryptocurrency market. Exchanges can become an obstacle to the rapidly emerging world of digital assets. At first glance, they are very similar to stock exchanges – they reduce sellers with buyers and participate in the pricing… Keep Reading

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Blockchain Oracles

Blockchain Oracles looks like something of ancient Greek folklore, and somehow, they are doing a similar job. Legends have it that oracles were depended upon by people to provide data beyond their comprehension, as there were no sufficient data to settle on choices. Likewise, Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchains do not organize access to out-of-chain information.… Keep Reading

guide to bitcoin
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The Ultimate Guide To Bitcoin (Updated 2019)

Bitcoin is an ordinary computer program. Only it is located not on any separate computer or server, but directly on the millions of computers that communicate directly with each other through this program. Torrents work according to a similar principle. You install the program, and someone else does the same. After that, you can transfer… Keep Reading

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How To Use Smart Contracts

How To Use Smart Contracts We tell how smart contracts appeared, how they work, where they can be used and what are their advantages. What is a smart contract? A smart contract (or smart contract) is a special protocol designed for parties who can participate in negotiations, check their conditions, implement agreements and monitor contract… Keep Reading

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UPayCard Bitcoin Debit Card Review

UPayCard Review It is a British-based company with its headquarters in London. UPayCard was established in 2013. Today, it regulates by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. The company is involved in activities like prepared payment systems and international payment transfers. Like its rivals, UPayCard Bitcoin debit card features an e-wallet that goes along with the… Keep Reading

coinsbank card
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CoinsBank Bitcoin Debit Card Review

CoinsBank Review Located in Edinburg, CoinsBank was established in 2013 by Ronny Boesing. The company offers Bitcoin debit cards and also supports Litecoin. The firm also offers exchange services along with digital wallets for its users. The company has an up and running mobile to track your balance on the go. One of the biggest… Keep Reading

mine bitcoin
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Want To Mine Bitcoin? Here’s How To Set Up

Bitcoin cash mining confirms a block of transactions every 10 minutes as compared to Bitcoin. But before this block is validated all the Bitcoin cash minors have to repair a cryptographic puzzle. The puzzle isn’t like a regular puzzle, in fact, it is impossible to solve by the human mind alone. It requires extensive processing… Keep Reading

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