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The U.S. Examines Cryptocurrencies And ICO Markets

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According to emerging news, on 14th March 2017, the U.S. House of Representatives Committee of Finance Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Securities and investments initiated a process of formulating regulations for the Cryptocurrencies and ICO Markets. Official reports confirm that this is the first among a series of hearings that the U.S. is holding to deliberate on policy formulation to regulate, reorient and realign the market that is taking the world by storm from October 2017.

This meeting was a culmination of the summit held in early March 2018. James Sullivan, the Deputy President Department of Commerce and International Trade Administration portfolio was the presenter at the summit. He had called for concerted efforts from all quotas in policy formulation to regulate and streamline the already robust ICO Markets and the cryptocurrencies growing popularity. The sitting aims to formulate a set of laws and regulations dubbed “The ICO White Paper.” The white paper will address the following issues affecting the cryptocurrencies and the ICO Markets:
• Current regulatory frameworks that regulate these ventures
• Economic efficiencies of ICO Markets as a source of capital for startups
• Approaches to protecting investors’ interests in ICO ventures.

Submissions To The Session

The sitting received testimonial submissions from various experts on economic and financial matters. These professionals are advising the session on factors to consider in managing the cryptocurrency and ICOs markets.

Chris Brummer testimonial. He is a professor of securities law and international trade regulation at Georgetown University Law Centre. The professor of the law pointed out fraud and misrepresentation as the main shortcoming bedeviling the ICO markets. The solution to this problem is disclosure. The professor presented a list of resolutions to curb non-disclosure and align the ICO and Cryptocurrency markets into law-abiding and financially secure investment ventures. According to him, these disclosures have to focus on:
•Promoter’s Location and Contact Information
• Industry Risk Factors
• Problem and Proposed
• Description of Token Technology Solution
• Problem and Proposed Description of Token
• Qualifications of Technical Team
• Promoter’s Location and Contact Information
The professor, further recommends that it should be mandatory for firms offering ICOs to file all the disclosure with the SEC

Mike Lempress testimonial. He is the Chief Legal and Risk officer at Coinbase Inc. His testimonial acknowledged the importance of the cryptocurrencies and ICOs market on the U.S. economy and the world at large. Mike testified that the Federal government has institutions in place that could streamline the errant markets. The testimonial pointed out disharmony among the federal regulatory institutions as the primary challenge following the exercise. According to the affidavit, the U.S. was advised to support this artistic innovation as a new investment tool in the capital markets. Summarily, this testimonial called for the SEC, CFTC, IRS, and FinCEN regulatory bodies to harmonize their approach towards ICOs markets and provide clear regulations.

Peter Van Valkenburg, a director at Coin base, presented a testimonial from a public policy and research on blockchains perspective. This testimonial called for a change of attitude on the policymakers’ part of emerging technologies. According to the findings of his work, the issue at hand has everything to do with the federal regulators applying old laws and assumptions on entirely new technology. The testimonial encouraged the regulators to remodify the understanding of ICO markets and Blockchains to eliminate the confusion in the markets.

Huawei In Talks With Sirin Lab (SRN) To Develop A Blockchain Enabled Smartphone

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Huawei Blockchain Smartphone

Sources privy to Huawei Technologies have disclosed that there are ongoing talks with Sirin Lab (SRN) to develop a Blockchain enabled smartphone. The representatives of the two firms have also confirmed the meeting but failed to disclose further details.

Based in Shenzhen, China, the Tech giant is the world’s third-largest handset manufacturer. The smartphone will have a market niche and is expected to go a long way in spreading the adaption of the Blockchain Technology.

About Sirin Lab

The sources, who sought anonymity, confirmed that Huawei is trying to develop Blockchain enabled smartphones by licensing and using Sirin Lab’s operating system Sirin OS. Sirin Lab is specialized in creating open source solutions that connect blockchains with the markets directly.

The Sirin OS is highly specialized to host complex Blockchain application applications such as secure exchange access, crypto wallet, peer-to-peer resource sharing for applications and payments and, encrypted communications. Most interestingly, the OS supports a cold storage crypto wallet feature. This feature allows the smartphone users to be active in multiple blockchains as they can convert fiat money from one Cryptocurrency to another for use in the Blockchains. Additionally, the Sirin OS can support advanced security features that identify smartphone users based on their behavioral cues and personal biometrics.

The generic OS has already been tested and applied in the Finney Devices – the Cyber Secure Blockchain enabled SRN phones. The Finney devices are priced at $1000 on, and there are 25000 pre-orders as per the firm’s spokesperson, Nimrod May.

The Blockchain Enabled Huawei Smartphone

If the plans are successful, the Huawei smartphone will be the first Blockchain enabled smartphone in the world and the second Blockchain-enabled phone to be developed. The phone will operate on the Sirin OS alongside Android OS. Phone users will, therefore, be able to download or acquire blockchain applications and run them just like any other conventional Android application.

With the Cryptocurrency market currently worth $350 billion and limited mass participation, it is expected that the Blockchains will be available to the masses just like search engines and social media sites. Most of the Blockchain transactions are limited to computers with advanced processing power.

This super smartphone is expected to be ultra-powerful in enabling Blockchain transactions as Huawei Technologies has advanced cloud computing and cloud security technologies, which will complement the Sirin OS specs.

Summarily, in regards to Blockchains, the smartphone users will be able to trade in ICO Markets, and trade Cryptocurrencies on peer-to-peer networks. The smartphone will also be able to support multiple Blockchain applications simultaneously without affecting the performance of the Android-powered applications.

The Timeline for Talks

According to Sirin Labs’ Telegram hat group, it is evident that Sirin Labs and Huawei Technologies have been holding discussions for about two months. Despite the fact that the sources have indicated the talks were preliminary, it is correct to speculate that some deals are in the pipeline or closed already. However, time will tell.

What to Expect

With the information of the meetings out in the public domain, we expect other smartphone developers and manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple, Wiko, and Blackberry to follow suit and develop Mobile operating systems that support Blockchain applications. On the other hand, we expect Huawei and Sirin Lab to close the deal, as it is quite apparent that the talks have been going on for some time and the discussions are in advanced stages.

Britain to Regulate Cryptocurrencies

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UK to Regulate Cryptocurrency

UK Finance Minister, Phillip Hammond, has pledged to oversee the development of vibrant Cryptocurrency markets in the country. The Minister went on to state that the Cryptocurrency markets would be improved through a formulation of effective policies, which are customized for the UK markets. The world’s fifth-biggest economy (Nominal GDP) is one of the most significant Cryptocurrency markets.

To effectively formulate the policies, the UK government ordered the Financial Control Authority (FCA) and the Bank of England to select a panel of Financial experts to deliberate on the role of Cryptocurrencies in the UK and the regulatory framework to be considered. The UK, therefore, becomes one of the major global financial leaders to initiate a task force to deliberate on the set of structures for regulating the Cryptocurrencies. The French AMF and the US, the House of Representatives Committee on Finance, Securities and Trade has kickstarted the process.

This move, by the UK, comes after the G20 Summit declared that the Cryptocurrencies are Assets rather than currencies. The G2O, however, advised the relevant global institutions such as the World Bank, OECD, FCB and the SFSG to draft framework for sustainable policy formulation.

The British Financial Technology form – Fintech – is expected to partner with Britain’s long-term trade partner, Australia in Cryptocurrency markets. The British strategy “Financial Technology” (Fintech) is expected, under this deal to be operational in Australia. This deal, additionally, entails the transfer of laws and regulation concerning Cryptocurrencies herein referred as “Fintech.” Under this strategy, Australia will constitute an Institution called Fintech Australia, and Britain’s will Innovate Fintech. The two institutions are expected to collaborate on all matters touching on Cryptocurrencies. The UK and Australia markets combined have a population of about 100 million people, which translates to a vast market with massive potential.

The UK Finance Minister further expressed the nations wish to be a front-runner in Cryptocurrencies trade which he termed as a digital evolution. The new laws to be formulated will regulate the UK ICO markets and Cryptocurrencies to enhance transparency and accountability. Furthermore, regulation will ensure that ICOs and Cryptocurrencies are stabilized so that they become sustainable investment approaches to raising capital, earning interests and paying taxes to the government.

However, despite the assurance of better days ahead by Charlotte Croswell, CEO Innovate Fintech, the Bank of England and the FCA are yet to assure the British Market that the Cryptocurrency ventures a are safe investments following earlier warnings of uncontrolled volatility

What to expect

The US, France and other countries have set precedence for government interventions in crypto markets. With the UK on board, we hope to see more states following suit and initiating processes of framework development to support crypto markets.

It is becoming clear to the world that the G20 has already welcomed Cryptocurrencies as a new technology worth nurturing for the future financial services expansion. Before the July 2018 Cryptocurrencies testimonial presentation to the G20, we expect that more countries would have developed a conducive environment for ICOs and Cryptocurrencies.

More startup technology firms will flout the ICOs and Cryptocurrencies process would soar in this positive news. As investors get their stake before a price surge. As at March 22, 13h00, the Bitcoin Price was trading at a high of $9,084.78 and low of 8, 745.32; Pundits are optimistic that the price on the world’s most famous virtual currency would hit $9,500.00 as governments, the G20 and many corporates undo the adverse effect of Google and Facebook ban in their endorsements of validity and viability.

Crypto-Assets: The 2018 G20 Summits calls on Global Financial Institutions to Devise Policies to Regulate Crypto-Assets by July 2018

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Crypto Assets

In the 13th G20 Summit held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the G20 has called for further actions to regulate the Cryptocurrencies by July 2018. The world’s most influential Economics and, Financial Institution was expected by some quarters to draft an array of regulations, but they have instead passed over the task to the relevant global institutions.

The G20 has concluded that Cryptocurrencies are assets rather than currencies and they seek to have a concise framework to regulate this new technology in financial markets. But the group is cautious of the process and has asked for a risk assessment into drafting the set of regulations. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Financial Stability Board (FSB)-institutions that assess financial systems worldwide- will present the risks posed by this process of drafting regulatory polices by April 2018.

Pundits explain such a move as an outcome of FSB Chairman’s Mark Corney, who advised the G20 not to impose regulations on Cryptocurrency just yet as they account for less than 1% of the Global GDP. Mr. Mark further explained in his letter to the G20 on the eve of the summit that even if all the Cryptocurrencies prices surged to their maximum potential, they would not, most probably, exceed 1% of Global GDP. This emerging development does not warrant, immediate action, he advised.

The G20 summit asked the Framework Working Group (FWG) to develop various approaches for consideration. The global leaders pointed out that the body should focus on taxes, competition, data and public expenditure aspects of the Cryptocurrencies. The findings would then inform their next agenda for the year in regards to Crypto-Assets. The FWG have to ensure that their results are specific to different countries economic environments.

In addressing the issue that ICO Markets abet money laundering, the IMF is expected to give a detailed report of capital flows across borders. This request shows that the G20 is demonstrating a particular concern to the allegations from many quarters that ICO Markets are used for money laundering activities and tax evasion. The IMF findings and recommendation will form the basis of G20’s policy formulation agenda in their October 2018 summit. The IMF has a deadline of July 2018 to present the findings and recommendations.

The G20 summit also called on the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to present a code of liberalization on capital movements. In collaboration with the IMF, the OECD is expected to show how transparent the capital transfers have been in the wake of ICOs.

Finally, the Sustainable Finance Study Group (SFSG) is expected to give a full report on the options available for all G20 members in regards to Capital Ventures in regards to crypto-assets. It is clear that the G20 is alive to the shortcomings in ICO Markets ventures and seeks to protect private investments, develop capital formations and ensure sustainability of ICO Market ventures.

What To Expect

We expect the regulations development process to start from July 2018 presentation of findings by various bodies. The policy framework for ICO Markets and Cryptocurrencies are likely to be in place latest by next year. This gradual and systematic policy formulation process is attributed to the FSB letter to the G2O which pointed out that Crypto-Assets and ICO Markets do not pause any immediate threat to the Global Economy.

Are Cryptocurrencies Real Currencies Or Assets? G20 Summit To Answer The Question On Tuesday Afternoon March 20th

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Reports have emerged that the G20 Summit is expected to deliberate on the Cryptocurrencies’ and ICO Markets’ activities in-depth. The Finance Ministers and Central Bank heads from the world’s top 20 wealthiest nations will be paying attention to the emerging use of Cryptocurrencies as security. The G20 communique draft read in part “cryptocurrencies lack the traits of sovereign currencies.” The communique suggests that the finance ministers and central bank chiefs from the most advanced countries in the world are already in consensus that the currencies are assets.

The summit being convened in Buenos Aires, Argentina is held in the wake of increased tax evasion by corporates and individuals who convert their wealth to Cryptocurrencies to evade taxation. The ICO Markets have seen increasing participation since the September 2017 debut. Hundreds of startup Blockchain technology firms have made tens of thousands of tax-free dollars ever since. In particular, Filecoin raised a total of close to $300,000 in its ICO venture.

However, the agenda of the summit-recognizing Cryptocurrency as assets-departs from the various regulators’ mission of regulating ICO Markets and Cryptocurrencies for economic growth, investment protection and capital formation for startup firms. While some countries like China have banned Cryptocurrencies, India shows non-commitment in addressing the issue, the SEC of US, AMF of France and FCA of the UK have initiated a policy to make up the process of developing ICO markets and Cryptocurrencies in their respective economies.

Hosted by President Mauricio Macri. The G20 summit will be attended by leaders of about forty-five countries and regional organizations. The attendees will represent the US, Canada, Russia, China, India, Japan, France, UK, Germany, South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey and South Korea. Additionally, the European Union (EU), African Union (AU) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) will be represented by their respective presidents. The G20 members are a powerful Economics and Financial coordination force in the world as they collectively generate 85% of the world’s GDP and represent over 70% of the world’s population. Formed in 1999, the G20 has been, over the years, adopting decisions to regulate emerging global issues from a global standpoint.

What To Expect

As per the draft communique, it is expected that the G20 will deduce that Cryptocurrencies are assets. With such a proclamation, they will advise Economic and Financial leaders to introduce regulations that are customized for the specific markets. The summit will, further, propose approaches to imposing capital gains taxes on ICO markets to raise public revenues. In so doing, the ICO markets and Cryptocurrencies will be accepted as an emerging business idea.

Not only will such an endorsement prompt China to lift the Cryptocurrency ban, but we are likely to see a future lift on the Cryptocurrency advertisement bans by Google and Facebook. Most importantly, the world will get clarity of Cryptocurrencies and the way they can be exploited for the economic benefit both in the macroeconomics and microeconomic spheres.

Finally, we are likely to see a timely conclusion on the part of the US House of Representatives Committee of Finance Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Securities and investment process of enacting laws to regulate this new industry. The prices of Cryptocurrencies are likely to surge to unprecedented levels following this “endorsement.”

France Seeking To Legitimize ICO Market Activities

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France ICO Markets

Paris, France. The l’Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), the financial markets regulation body for the French government, is seeking to support the development of ICO markets in France’s capital markets. On March 15, the financial regulator initiated a process of drafting proposals to the National Assembly. A French news outlet Les Echos reported that the mission of the regulator is to develop ICO Markets in France. This step is a recognition of ICOs as an emerging approach to capital formation in the world’s fifth largest economy in nominal terms.

This process comes in the wake of March 14 hearings convened by the U.S. House of Representatives Committee of Finance Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Securities, and Investments – The equivalence of AMF. The U.S government is also seeking to enact laws and regulation to govern the ICO Markets in a bid to optimize the benefits that start-up technology firms can reap. The US hearings are primarily consultative and involve a considerable number of multi-disciplinary professionals ranging from the industry managers, financial law experts, and economists. It is widely believed that the US government will endorse ICO Markets and regulate them effectively.

In full support of the AMF, the Ministry of the Economy and Finance in the nation of 65 million people as at 2017 welcomed the move. The ministry lauded the move and called for hasty recognition of ICO Markets as a new channel for capital formation. The ministry officials advised the AMF to consult with all stakeholders such as in the US, to achieve a sound regulatory framework that will not be prohibitive to any market player. The officials, however, cautioned the AMF to approach the matter with caution, as ICO Markets are risky ventures: Not tested against time.

This recent development is surprising to the ICO Markets in France; this is because the AMF had banned some ICO Market’s websites and 15 Cryptocurrencies from operations on suspicion of fraud. Additionally, last week saw the Google ban on all Cryptocurrency adverts from its AdWords advertisement platform effective from June 2018. ICO Markets were skeptical as some countries like China had banned the Cryptocurrency activities, and France was believed to follow suit.

It is now becoming evident that the US and France governments have endorsed ICO Markets and Cryptocurrencies as investment opportunities for the future. With such development, the World Bank may revert its earlier caution on ICOs and instead partner with economies in developing ICOs and Cryptocurrencies.

The AMF expects that by the end of the deliberative process, a system for authorizing ICO Market activities will be in place. The investors of ICOs will also be protected, as the offers will be pegged on guarantees.

More countries are expected to develop frameworks for managing ICO Markets in the coming days. Nations like Russia, Venezuela, Bulgaria, and others have already put in place sound policies to regulate ICO Markets and cryptocurrencies. These success stories will have a significant impact on many governments’ stances to ICOs. With Korea rethinking her ICOs ban, we might see China also uplifting their prohibition.

Market Jitters amid U.S. Government Concerns on ICOs

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Initial Coin Offering Regulation Concerns

Following Google’s ban on Cryptocurrency’s advertisements effective June 2018, the Initial Coin Offerings are starting to experience bearish trends characterized by significant value shed offs on Cryptocurrencies, the unit of account in ICOs. These trends come in the wake of the U.S. lawmakers’ concerns about ICOs: Advocating for unexplained policy formulations to guide the ICOs. Washington, on 7th March 2018, raised these concerns about ICOs during the DC Block Chain summit presentation posing a set of concerns about the ICO offerings, currently on offer in many developed financial markets.

James Sullivan, the Deputy President Department of Commerce and International Trade Administration portfolio was the presenter at the summit. He demonstrated that the U.S government was in full support of Blockchains’ role in raising finances for start-up organizations in stock exchanges. He was, however, of the idea that all stakeholders should collaborate in streamlining the trade. His allusions were premised on the U.S. Securities and exchange commission report “Statement on Potentially Unlawful Online Platforms for Trading Digital Assets” that warns investors of fraudster platforms characterized by unregulated activity.

In the summit themed “Examining Cryptocurrencies and ICO Markets,” Republican Bill Huizenga and Democrat Brad Sherman, in a rare show of unity, raised concerns on lack of concrete policies and regulations on ICOs. Unlike the IPOs that were guided by a series of market regulations, requirements and restrictions, ICOs were just operating on self-regulation. Brad Sharman pointed out that ICOs will enable terrorists and outlaws to launder money across borders and affect national securities of America and various nations. On enforcing this sentiment, Bill Huzeinga called for intensive oversight on ICOs and the entire Cryptocurrencies operation.

Reading Between The Lines

The markets did not react to these concerns. Instead, the Cryptocurrency markets were bullish amid increased activity in ICO offering across the globe. Pundits were of the opinion that the Washington concerns had evoked growing investor confidence in ICOs as a real investment option solely by the U.S. government’s recognition. They forecasted that the future trends are likely to be bullish as investors anticipate a highly lucrative and regulated market in the foreseeable future.

Additionally, the Pundits pointed out that the U.S administration was exhibiting clear commitment in collaborating with the market players in policy formulation. The effort was evident as Jihan Wu, Co-Founder of Bitcoin, made a presentation that neutralized the anti-ICOs atmosphere following SEC report of possible fraud. Jihan’s acknowledgment that ICOs were crucial in creating capital for startups and mid-level firms whose money was in the form of Cryptocurrencies resonated with James Sullivan’s assortment that the entire Blockchain has to be improved through concerted efforts.

What to expect

The ICOs will be regulated in the near feature as the U.S. has recognized the role they play in business capital creation. The financial markets will react positively to policies that will be formulated by the administration to streamline and regulate the operations. More investors will be interested in ICOS. The summit will result in a series of discussions that will see U.S. institutions that regulate the financial sectors and legal spheres develop a set of regulations. Most importantly, it is evident that the Cryptocurrencies and ICO Markets will not be declared illegal as the U.S. government is exhibiting positive intentions of regulating and developing these ventures.

Improvement In Cryptocurrency Share Prices Assure ICO Investors Of Better Days To Come

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The dominant Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, registered signs of improvement in the financial markets on Thursday’s, 15th March 2018, afternoon trading session. Interestingly, this improvement is not precipitated by Google or Facebook withdrawing their ban notices on ICO trades: They have not withdrawn the ban. As Thursday’s trade session nears closure, the Bitcoin is trading at $8,241.52 having achieved a high of $8,788.00 and a low of $7,682.00 in the second half session. Other Cryptocurrencies such as Ether, Bitcoin, Zcash, Dash, Litecoin, Monero, etc. just to mention a few are following suit and registering improvements in the second session: Having shed-off value in the morning session following damaging publicity earlier this week.

What This Means For Initial Coin Offerings

From the Investors perspective, 15th March 2018 afternoon trading session recovery is a promising indicator of future surges in Cryptocurrency coins and token prices. Appreciation of Cryptocurrency values signals investors to participate in ICO trade in financial markets, as the value of tokens/coins will increase leading to higher returns on investment.

Firms who are offering initial coin offering are skeptical about the future of their biddings. With the growing descent from quotas criticizing all Cryptocurrency related activities and many governments deliberating on the way forward in regards to policy formulation, the market is likely to experience more shocks. However, the resilience of the market is quite evident and more firms will consider this factor. Firms like Basic attention, Aragon, and Status Um have raised around $35 million; $30 million and 270 million in record times will inspire more firms to seek funds on ICOs. Most notably, FileCoin, a startup company raised $200 million through an ICO and similar success stores will encourage most forms to issue ICOs.

Additionally, the markets will experience more significant precautionary measure as investors become more aggressive in interrogating the firms’ business ventures to determine their viability. Investors will not only be attracted to the possibilities of Cryptocurrency price surges in the future but also the businesses’ structures. Internal organization, goals, mission, vision, budgets, location, targeted markets, and legal factors will complement the expectations in interest payouts as a factor to consider when investing in ICOs.

The firms will streamline their mode of operations to appeal to prospective investors. Just like the firms that bid their stocks in stock exchanges, these firms offering ICOs will formulate a code of conduct for themselves in anticipation of enactment of regulation laws by governments. These firms will be readily accessible to the public, and they will adopt a culture of openness.

What This Price Increase Means To Regulation Authorities, Google, Facebook, And The Service Industry

The matter of fact is that Google and Facebook services are dominant across regions and have billions of users globally subscribing to them. ICO market analysts had allayed fears that with the damaging bans, the prices of the crypto coins would crash leading to the collapse of ICOs. Investors, Business entities, business developers and financial analyst can now conclude that it is only the policymakers in governments who can directly determine the performance of ICOs in the coming days. Pundits purport that it is difficult to foresee the level of increase in trade volumes in ICO Markets, following intense public outcry for regulations, but one outcome is expected-increased activities albeit depressed.

South Korea On The Verge Of Announcing An ICO Ban Reversal

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South Korea ICO

According to a new report, South Korea is contemplating reversing a ban on Initial Coin Offering in the coming months. The Korean time’s reports of a plan by the authorities to allow ICO and digital token based fundraising and make it possible for domestic investors to make advancements in Blockchain based technologies

The media company, which is one of South Korea’s most popular newspaper accounts of an ongoing discussion, between South Korea’s tax agency, the justice ministry and other concerned government offices, acknowledges possible talks on plans and conditions for a possible revitalization of ICOs in the country.

September’s Decision

If the discussions bear fruit and everything goes as planned, the country could witness a major reversal of the ban announced last September.

Financial regulators had previously banned raising money via any form of virtual currency including initial coin offerings and recommended regulation over the same. The decision in September by the South Korean authorities was attributed to the fact that there existed risks and possibilities of financial scamming. The announcement by China in the previous weeks may also have influenced South Korea’s decision.

Even after announcing the ban, the administration was reluctant to implement the ICO rule and was yet to impose any company into returning ICO funds. But this did not stop the migration of local blockchain startups into crypto-friendly countries and environments like Estonia and Switzerland. However, South Korean citizens remained free to invest in foreign ICOs.

According to Kang Young Soo, an official overseeing Cryptocurrency trading policies, the decision was yet to be made on whether to reverse the decision made in September or not. He, however, acknowledges that they were considering a third party view on the same. Mr. Kang had admitted in a recent industry forum, of plans to advance the blockchain technologies while regulating crypto trading.

Other sources familiar to the country’s tax code confirmed the rumors and expect a U-turn of September’s decision soon as the nation resolved and fixed the legal groundwork regarding crypto trading.

What To Expect?

Well, various sources have given a hint on what to expect. One, the source advised ICO-enthusiasts to expect an imposition of capital gains tax, VAT or both. The source also admits of a possibility of levying corporate tax from crypto exchanges and regulation by issuing of licenses. He, however, acknowledges that the matter was still in discussion and various agencies, including banks and tax agencies, were being brought to the table for transparency. In any case, the government cannot implement the policy on its own without tracking capital inflows into ICO.

ICOs make sense for startups because of their little paperwork and the fact that they let companies solicit money directly from the investors. The ban that didn’t limit trade oversees still worked for the startups, as they were able to raise funds overseas.

Even as the ban was implemented, investors with interest in ICOs grew significantly. This forced the government to rethink its decision. The proposed policy changes are a great deal for investors when it comes to transparency.

Cryptocurrency Markets Bearish Following Google Ban

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Google bans crypto ads

Cryptocurrency Markets Bearish

On Thursday Morning, the Cryptocurrency markets plunged to new lows, or below $8000, in a delayed reaction to negative publicity from Google. This publicity is raising skepticism in the already volatile markets where investors have been experiencing short-term shocks since 2013 when China started discouraging her nationals from participating in the trade.

The market leader Bitcoin’s lost 13.25% of its value in the wake of the ban; this loss has cumulatively seen Bitcoin shed off a mind-boggling approximate of 43% of share value from January 2018. According to market data, the Bitcoin Market was trading at $14,111.98 as the year began. On the other hand, Ethereum and Ripple currencies’ values are down by 14.54% and 16.58% to trade at %593.6 and $0.66 respectively. Summarily, according to Coin Market Cap report, all but two Cryptocurrencies’ stocks are trading in lows ranging between 11% to 26%.

Google Follows Facebook Move And Bans Gambling Advertisements

Google, a US-based global leading search engine, and advertisement firm issued a statement in March 2018, prohibiting “bad advertisements” effective from June 2018 on the AdWords platform. Google’s, in a document released to the media, stated that Cryptocurrencies’ information which includes; Cryptocurrency exchanges, Cryptocurrency trade reviews, Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and crypto wallets are “bad” advertisements as they are speculative and largely lack policy regulations. Google further stated that cryptocurrencies are emerging threats to Google services users and they have a “moral and ethical obligation” to protect Google users from “deceptive and misleading promotions.”

Google has followed in the footsteps of the arch-business rival, Facebook. Similarly, Facebook had, in January this year, banned all Cryptocurrency advertisements in a move that was geared to restore Facebook to its intended purpose of enhancing social relationships in the world; these social relationships had systematically being replaced by advertisements, which were unwarranted.

Financial Analysts Forecasts

Market analysts are sharply divided on the impact of the negative publicity from Google and Facebook. On one side, the market analysts state that Facebook, which is a vital advertising platform in the world, with almost similar market influence to Google, initiated the ban and the markets only experienced short-term bearish trends before reverting to bullish growth. Following this analogy, these market analysts predict that Cryptocurrency markets will regain their bullish patterns that will see more ICO traded in the coming months. However, they cannot predict when the markets will recover. Will it be a matter of days, weeks, months or years? Amongst them, it is suspected that some investors are propagating these sentiments to lower the value of the significant cryptocurrencies in anticipation of massive ICO buyouts.

On the other hand, some market analysts allude that this recent negative publicity is one too many and the Cryptocurrency markets will never recover. Their perspective premised on Google’s prominent social standing globally. It is widely believed that Google has nailed the last nail and investors will be rushing to sell off their shares anticipating further losses.

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