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The world of marketing constantly evolves, and what captures the attention of your prospective customers today might not capture it tomorrow. For a business, getting hold of people online is becoming increasingly difficult. Marketing emails end up in the trash. Ad-blockers hide most of your affiliate marketing. Social media campaigns don’t perform as well as they used to.

So how do you get the customers’ attention? You incentivise them. You make them want to be marketed to, by rewarding them for their engagement.
This is in essence what MobileBridge Momentum is about, according to their official ICO details. They claim that their platform is “a truly disruptive, rewards based marketing machine that stands to break the marketing mould”


What is MobileBridge Momentum?

Momentum is the world’s first marketing automation platform based on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Businesses can create personalised marketing campaigns that rewards their customers for engaging with them.


The customers can be incentivised with the Momentum Token, or a custom branded token the business launches on the Momentum platform. A business can reward their customers with tokens for a range of reasons: for purchasing their product, for promoting their brand, or for sharing their data.

For the business, this means more brand loyalty and better targeted campaigns. For the customer, it means that they will get rewarded for supporting the business. In other words, it is a win-win situation for both parties involved in the Momentum platform.


What are the limits?

The true beauty of the Momentum platform is that there are virtually no limits to how a business can utilise it. Only the imagination sets the limits with Momentum. As a business, you can design your own token, your own campaigns, and your own reward system.

The customers can then choose to spend their rewards with your business by purchasing more of your products, similar to a loyalty card in a grocery store. On the other hand, the customers can also choose to exchange their reward tokens for other cryptocurrencies.

As opposed to a grocery store loyalty card, however, the bonus points on Momentum will never go to waste. Any unused tokens can be traded in for other cryptocurrencies, gifted to friends and family, or even donated to a charity of their choice.


MobileBridge Momentum comes at a time when current marketing strategies, for a lot of businesses, are in serious need of revision. Consumers tend to be quite savvy when it comes to clocking on to how businesses try to get their attention. This means that any given marketing strategy will work for a while, after which something new has to take its place.

That new strategy could very well be MobileBridge Momentum. It takes something that is already familiar to people, such as grocery store loyalty cards and points, and utilizes the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to move marketing into the future.

At the same time, the platform provides consumers with the assurance that they are in full control of what happens to their data, as well as how many advertisements they want to be exposed to.

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