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Upcoming ICOs

Upcoming ICOs

iTRUE – App Development Platform with Biometric Security

iTrue ICO Review Big Data, and how it’s handled, is one of the main subjects of debate in pretty much every industry. As the Internet becomes an ever-increasingly integral part of our everyday lives, the question of how data is handled and how our privacy is secured will become more important. With the recent introduction… Keep Reading

Upcoming ICOs

ALIGATOCOIN – The New E-Commerce Dimension

AligatoCoin ICO Review Technological progress and innovation is moving along at a neck-breaking speed. We have gone from dial-up modems and brick-size mobile phones to wifi and smart watches in a couple of decades. Commerce is changing as well, and high street shops close as ecommerce stores take over the market. Even ecommerce itself has… Keep Reading

Upcoming ICOs

SOUNDEON – The Complete Music Platform

Soundeon ICO Review It has been said that the golden age of the music industry is over. Ever since access to the Internet became a staple in every household, and the subsequent emergence of download and streaming services, record sales have taken a substantial hit. Although it has hit every aspect of the music industry,… Keep Reading

blackbox ico
Upcoming ICOs

BLACKBOX – Boosting Capitalism

Blackbox ICO Review Blackbox is an ICO that wants to completely transform the way in which we work. Well, perhaps not completely. But radically — in a positive way. Whilst the team behind the project level a few criticisms against the capitalist system we all live under, they do not disavow it. Rather, they seek… Keep Reading

Upcoming ICOs

COTRADER – Assets Made Easy

Cotrader ICO Review If you are in the game of trading assets or currency, you will know that there is a lot of red tape involved. All trades usually have to go through a number of intermediaries before it can be finalised. Would it not be nice if there was a way to avoid all… Keep Reading

Upcoming ICOs

DECOIN – The Coin of the People

Decoin Review Are you trading in cryptocurrencies? If so, you are probably familiar with more than one cryptocurrency exchange. Like traditional exchanges, cryptocurrency exchanges make their money from various fees and commission derived from the cryptocurrencies being traded on their platform. Given the rapidly growing community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, this is a booming business. But… Keep Reading

Upcoming ICOs

MOBILE BRIDGE MOMENTUM – True Customer Loyalty

Mobile Bridge Momentum Review The world of marketing constantly evolves, and what captures the attention of your prospective customers today might not capture it tomorrow. For a business, getting hold of people online is becoming increasingly difficult. Marketing emails end up in the trash. Ad-blockers hide most of your affiliate marketing. Social media campaigns don’t… Keep Reading

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