DAV is a transportation platform that works on the Blockchain technology. As an open-source software platform, DAV enables any individual to either purchase or sell services of autonomous transportation in a market that is fully decentralized.

DAV has been designed to consolidate in any kind of autonomous vehicles such as a car, ship or even a drone. This, in turn, gives these vehicles an opportunity to communicate, discover, and carry out business with one another using DAV as the digital currency.

The DAV Network ICO invites merchants who want to be part of a network of autonomous vehicles, which will definitely form the future of transportation.

The DAV Technology

As earlier indicated, DAV is a framework of a free, decentralized marketplace, open-source hardware, and an open-source software where any person can choose to either purchase or sell the autonomous transportation services using the DAV token.

The technology has been made up of three main components, which are listed here:

• Decentralized Discovery – DAV enables these uncontrolled vehicles to discover themselves, and even other clients and service providers that are close to them. Using a peer-to-peer protocol that does not operate with any kind of central server, DAV utilizes a decentralized node discovery. The nodes are instead listed in a distributed hash table that can be accessed more easily.

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• Communication Protocol – This is the second component that makes up the DAV technology. For different transportation needs, DAV identifies a list of assimilated communication protocols. The communication is further subdivided into two main groups; off-blockchain communication that is carried out on P2P through the DAV Network’s protocols.

The other one is the on-blockchain communication that is carried out by calling smart contracts via the events they have emitted.

• Trustless Cooperation Tools – This is the last component of the DAV Network. Through using an assortment of specialized smart contracts, DAV is able to achieve trustless cooperation between transportation service traders. These smart contracts allow multi-party contracts that exist between the seller, buyer and even at times, the insurer, and arbitrator. They are connected directly to the DAV token. Thus, they assure great financial resolution for the transactions that are done between different parties without the need of a pre-determined trust.

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The Team

DAV Network is managed by a team of professionals. It is currently headed by Dr. Alan Messer who is the current Automotive Advisor. Before joining DAV, Dr. Messer was the General Motors’ CTO. The Aerospace advisor is Dr. Scott Horowitz, who worked as an associate administrator at NASA and a space shuttle astronaut.


In the end, DAV Network seeks to offer a fully decentralized system that is not under the control of any financial organization, company or government. This would be the best payment standard that can be used between automobiles and their supporting infrastructure.

DAV also enables an easy-to-verify ledger that contains historical data regarding the autonomous vehicles, their users as well as other service providers. It can even assist other service providers as insurers.

It also comes with a built-in smart mission contract that allows trustless cooperation between service providers and a number of vehicles.

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