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Ended ICOs

iat ico
Ended ICOs

IAT – Revolutionizing Real Estate

IAT ICO Review Few industries are as profitable as real estate. Transfer of ownership is far from an easy process, however. Stacks of legal paperwork has to be read and signed, and numerous intermediaries want a slice of the pie. It takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money to trade in… Keep Reading

Ended ICOs

STRYKZ – The Token for All Football Fans

Strykz ICO Review With the World Cup raging on, there is no doubt that football is the most popular sport in the world. Fans are not content with simply being spectators, however, they want to be part of the game. This has been made possible with the emergence of fantasy football, which football fans across… Keep Reading

Ended ICOs

INSCOIN – Insurance Policies on the Blockchain

InsCoin ICO Review For many people, the insurance industry can be a minefield to navigate. Although there are many legitimate insurance companies that do have their customers best interests at heart, there are also some bad apples. Horror stories of how customers have had their claims rejected due to a technicality are widespread. One the… Keep Reading

Ended ICOs

PAYERA – New Era of the Crypto World

Payera Review Whilst blockchain technology has a multitude of purposes (one only has to shoot a quick glance at the many diverse ICOs out there), the main one is still money and financial transactions. It is easy to understand why this is the case given the many intermediaries involved in financial transactions between companies. Every… Keep Reading

Ended ICOs

QURREX – First Hybrid Crypto Exchange

Qurrex Review For those of you who are already investing and trading in various cryptocurrencies, exchanges are not a new phenomenon. However, few cryptocurrency exchanges have a built-in hybrid system that allows you to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat and vice versa. Qurrex is an ICO that promises to change the landscape for cryptocurrency exchanges by… Keep Reading

Ended ICOs

EQUI CAPITAL – Cryptocurrency Venture Capital

EQUI Capital Review Venture capital fundraising has traditionally been the domain of a small select group of influential firms and individuals. This could very easily be about to change with the introduction of cryptocurrency, however. EQUI Capital is essentially trying to tokenize the traditional venture capital model by creating a platform where investors can fund… Keep Reading

Ended ICOs

SWISS ALPS MINING – Combining Mining Industries

Swiss Alps Mining ICO Review Anyone in the cryptocurrency community is probably familiar with how mining for coins and tokens work. You invest in an expensive mining rig and prepare yourself for the largest energy bill you have ever seen. Depending on which cryptocurrency you are mining for, you might make some profit. Meanwhile, actual… Keep Reading

Ended ICOs

PAYPORTAL – Payments Made Simple

Payportal Review Payments and transfers is the reason cryptocurrencies were invented in the first place, so it is no wonder that there are a lot of ICOs out there specialising in this area. Today we are going to look at Payportal, which is an established company in India about to launch their new blockchain-based platform.… Keep Reading

hash card
Ended ICOs

HASH CARD – The Cryptocurrency Payment Card

Hash Card Review Cryptocurrencies are not always a practical means to buy goods and services with, as not many vendors accept them as legal tender. You could of course exchange your cryptocurrency tokens for fiat money, but this is a slow and expensive process. With the Hash Card, all that is taken care of. Every… Keep Reading

Ended ICOs

TRIWER – Blockchain-Based Parcel Delivery Service

Triwer Review It took me two attempts to order my office desk. The first attempt failed, because I did not pay attention to the name of the delivery company. They are terrible, and consistently fail to deliver parcels. Not only did they not deliver it, but they sent it to a storage unit an hour’s… Keep Reading

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