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Blackbox ICO Review

Blackbox is an ICO that wants to completely transform the way in which we work. Well, perhaps not completely. But radically — in a positive way. Whilst the team behind the project level a few criticisms against the capitalist system we all live under, they do not disavow it. Rather, they seek to create a ‘boosted capitalism’, in which employees find a deeper meaning in their work.

Blackbox Background

The Blackbox team describes how the current incarnation of capitalism places profit above everything else. This system leads people to seek out work that pays well, but is not necessarily personally rewarding. In most cases, the work feels like a chore, something to be over and done with, and preferably as fast as possible. This kind of mentality leads to huge waste in the workplace. The Blackbox team cites a Gallup poll which revealed that 70% of all workers do not put in a lot of effort at work. On top of not enjoying their job, the same employees find themselves in a never-ending debt spiral despite sacrificing their time and energy on chasing money for money’s sake. The vision for this ICO is to follow the cultural trend of the Millennial and Generation Z generations, where work is no longer considered a necessary evil, but rather a positive contribution based on personal characteristics. The team mention a shift in our collective consciousness that leads our society in the direction of pursuing personal fulfilment rather than mere profits. After all, what is the point of having money if we cannot use it to become personally fulfilled and happy with life?

What is Blackbox Operating System?

Where does the ICO enter into all of this? They begin by challenging the current concept of an organisation. Businesses today are hierarchical and centralised. This is part of the problem Blackox is trying to solve. As you may have guessed, the decentralised nature of blockchain technology will thus play a huge part in the operating system Blackbox wants to build. The operating system will essentially be a platform on which a number of individuals can collaborate on work projects. As opposed to traditional corporate structures, the organisation of these individuals will be flat and decentralised. With this system in place, all workers can influence their own schedule, and only contribute to projects in ways that they find personally fulfilling. The influence these workers hold over a project is determined by a reputation system — not dissimilar to reviews on Trustpilot and other websites.

How does Blackbox work?

The Blackbox creators make no attempt to hide that this is a gig economy system. However, they stress that it is much more than that. Rather, one of the key aims of the Blackbox system will be for people to work together towards a common good. When assembling the team for a project, the members of the team will be selected based on their reputation and their capabilities.

Connecting them all will be the Blackbox system, which will also ensure that everyone gets paid promptly. Once a given project has been completed by the team, each member will receive 80% of the project revenue. The remaining 20% will be spent on operational costs. Workers are paid in the native BBOS token, which are backed by a fiat money reserve. The first step for Blackbox is to start their project with professionals in AI, data science, blockchain technology, machine learning, and other technical fields. The system will, however, eventually expand to all possible fields of work and expertise.

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