Are you following crypto for quite a while, but afraid to invest? What if I tell you there are ways through which you can start your crypto account, that too for free? Yes, you heard us right. There are several ways through which you can earn free crypto in 2021. All you will need is a little knowledge and that’s pretty much it. This article discusses 5 methods to earn free crypto. 

Free crypto is, not something everyone can earn. But if you know the right means that’s another story. So, presenting you 5 ways through which you can get free crypto:


  1. Airdrops

An airdrop is like a free care-package filled with crypto coins. These are then sent to random addresses. Several cryptocurrencies run Airdrop campaigns. They do this to get publicity and it works more like a marketing strategy. Airdrops might be the easiest way to earn quick bucks in crypto. There are tens and hundreds of airdrop campaigns running on various websites. Some require you to put-in KYC or id proofs, while some just want your wallet address. Submitting identity proofs on random websites is not something we recommend. Unless you are sure that Airdrop is legit and it cannot cause you any damages.

  1. Working in a Crypto related Job

Alright, this is another good way to not only get good crypto but also create a passive income stream. Working with crypto does not require you to be a certified programmer. There are many other works you can do and get paid in your favorite cryptocurrencies.

There are jobs like community manager, marketing agent if you are an enthusiast. While you can also be a content writer or a customer care executive. You can fulfill a range of works and get cryptocurrencies in exchange.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Another good way is to start affiliate marketing. Referring to people on community portals, or through social media is a good example. You also refer people to new projects and if they invest in it, you earn a commission, simple. This is almost like any other referral-oriented affiliate job. If you get someone to invest via your affiliation you will get a certain amount of referral fees.

  1. Coinbase Learn & Earn

This might be the most underrated method to earn free crypto. It is also a very good way to start learning about crypto if you have only a little knowledge about it. It is a learning program run by Coinbase. Also, it lets you learn about crypto while you also earn them in the process. So, Coinbase has many videos on its platform. All the videos are about cryptocurrencies. And you can earn free coins in exchange for completing each video. You simply need a Coinbase account. It will also require an invite to Coinbase Earn as it’s an invite-only program.

  1. Using SteemIt

It is a blockchain technology-driven social media platform. Here you get rewards for sharing content. Every upvote beyond a limit will give you good rewards. Users can get paid in cryptos like STEEM, Seem Dollar, and also Steem Power. What’s more, you can also transfer there to any exchange that supports STEEM.

Sayan Mitra
Sayan Mitra

Sayan is a writer by choice or rather by instincts. He had started as a content writer for an infrastructure development website. Over the years, he has been involved in several versatile projects, ranging from blogging to creative writing, penning down web content to site reviews. Tourism, fashion, real estate, gambling, sports, politics, business proposals, presentation work, technical writing, generalized topics – Sayan has done it all, with his words.