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Shopping has undergone an immense transformation over the past couple of decades. Physical retail stores are in a constant race to compete with online stores, which have lower overheads and more flexibility. The shopping wars will probably go on for some time to come, but in the meantime, developers are working on improving e-commerce even more. Vanig is one of the many exciting projects that deal with supply chain management in the world of e-commerce. Whilst current shopping platforms offer users great flexibility and control like real-time tracking, this ICO promises to take e-commerce to the next level. Not only will the shopping experience become cheaper and simpler, but the supply chain will be shortened. Let us have a look at what exactly Vanig is, how it works, and how you can benefit from investing in their project.

What is Vanig?

The team behind Vanig are building an ecosystem underpinned by blockchain technology, in which businesses and customers can interact and do business with each other seamlessly. They brand their project as the “world’s first integrated e-commerce platform with supply chain”.

One of the main advantages of the Vanig platform is that is reduces the number of intermediaries required to get a product from the production site to the consumer’s home. Rather, customers can communicate directly with the supplier if they so wish. This is reminiscent of the Chinese Alibaba website, where customers contact the factory owners directly and negotiate their purchase with them instead of a middleman. Not only will a project like Vanig reduce the costs of business transactions, but it will also shorten the supply chain, and help build trust between consumers and suppliers.

How does Vanig work?

As mentioned, Vanig is build using blockchain technology, which means that everything is completely decentralized and all transactions are recorded on the ledger. The ledgers used by Vanig is developed by Hyperledger, which is one of the giants in the blockchain space. The platform will also make use of smart contracts, which will offer both businesses and their customers flexibility, control, and transparency. Essentially, the platform offers all the same capabilities like popular e-commerce stores like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba, but with the added benefit of having everything in one place.

What are the key features of Vanig?

The main features of the Vanig platform include a self-contained ecosystem that allows everyone in the supply chain, from manufacturer to consumer, to easily communicate via a peer-to-peer system. All the data generated on the platform is distributed symmetrically, which will allow all users to recall it much faster. The simplicity of the smart contracts used on Vanig will ensure that all transactions are secure and easily executed. The platform also facilitates real-time tracking of products, and gives users access to the sensor feeds and data oracles that track the product. An advantage of the real-time tracking and ledger records is that returning defective products will be simpler. As with Amazon, Vanig will also allow for one-click orders for customers, and bulk upload of CVS files for businesses listing their products.

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