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This ICO is an incredibly innovative project, that adds adds virtual and augmented reality to the social media experience. Imagine if Facebook, Twitter or Instagram were physical spaces that allowed you to walk around and interact with people and objects. This is the vision laid out by the team behind UHIVE. Whilst the worlds they have created will not exactly be physical, they will be closer to the real deal than any other project. Powered by blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, UHIVE promises an entirely new experience.

A new kind of social media

Social media platforms in and of themselves are quite a revolutionary idea. People from all over the world gathered in one place, where they can connect with each other on a level never before imagined. Add virtual and augmented reality technology to this, however, and it becomes a different beast entirely. This combination will allows for near-physical human interaction, and enhance the social media experience in a way never thought possible before.

What is the Civilized Word?

The Civilized World will be the ‘main’ platform where social media users will post, comment, share, and otherwise interact with each other. This part of UHIVE will be a mirror reflection of the real world, and each user will have their own ‘space’ (like a Facebook wall). Users can only have one profile in the Civilized World, which will be verified like on other social media platforms. Given that this is the ‘official’ part of UHIVE, certain rules and regulations will apply in order to ensure a positive experience for everyone.

What is the Grey World?

The Grey World is a bit different from the Civilized World. And by ‘a bit different’ I mean a lot different. This part of UHIVE is not mapped out like the Civilized World, and users are not limited to one profile only. Users are completely anonymous in the Grey World, and have the ability to create their own personalized space here. Essentially, you can be and do anything in the Grey World – within the limits of the law, of course. This part of UHIVE will allow users to experience a new kind of freedom.

What are the tokens for?

The HIVE tokens are the native currency on the UHIVE platform, and will be awarded to users depending on how much time they spend in the Civilized and Grey Worlds, as well how how much they interact with others. For companies that wish to advertise on UHIVE, the HIVE tokens will be the means with which they pay for their adverts. The great thing about the HIVE tokens is that their value will increase as the world of UHIVE grows and more users join the network.

Why should you invest?

If you have not already been sold on the unique and fascinating UHIVE concept, here are a few more reasons why you should invest in this ICO. First of all, half of the ad revenue generated by the network will be given back to the users every week. The economy will use blockchain technology to be completely self-sustained. The team behind UHIVE has extensive experience in social media and VR, and is based in London, UK.

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Frederik Nielsen

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