spectrocoin bitcoin debit card

SpectroCoin Bitcoin Debit Card Review

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Card Review: SpectroCoin Bitcoin Debit

SpectroCoin, a cryptocurrency payment service, announced today that the virtual service of a prepaid card is available again. Now users can convert cryptocurrencies to euros and spend them in any online store where major debit cards are accepted.

On the SpectroCoin exchange, two cryptocurrencies are being traded – BitCoin and DASH. There is a possibility to replenish the balance from the card, which I think will be very convenient for many. It is also possible to order a plastic card to replenish the balance of which can be cryptocurrency directly from the account of the exchange!

As usual, all expenses are converted into local fiat currency, ideally at the most favorable rate and without other taxes. They are designed to simplify the direct use of cryptocurrency as needed, even if the seller does not accept payments in them.

How to get a card?

There are a few things you might have to check if you want to find a reliable service provider. First, carefully read the information on the site, it can save a lot of time and filter out options at the first stage.

You can order a plastic card of this exchange. This can be done in the “Order a card” section – you just need to fill in information about yourself and pay for this card, after which it will be delivered to you by mail to the specified address. Issuing one card costs only 9. You can top up a card from the exchange account with any currency or cryptocurrency without a fee.


The site contains a table with numbers, with which you can choose the best way to deposit or withdraw money. You can use the affiliate program of the service, distributing information about its services or bringing new customers. Another advantage is the ability to use up to 10 thousand dollars daily without verification. These are the highest limits of all the services presented. Also, users can cash out up to 2 thousand dollars a day.

spectrocoin bitcoin debit card

Pros and cons of SpectroCoin

SpectroCoin operates globally and sends cards to every country in the world, that is a big advantage. It has a mobile app for not only popular operational systems like Android or iOS but also for minor ones like Windows even if it is not used often lately. There are corporate cards available too for business customers.works in all countries of the world

The card has downsides too and biggest among them is being accused by the users as a scam and a lot of error reimporting. It is bad for the reputation to have complaints and bad reviews. Another issue is supporting just two fiat currencies, namely USD and EUR. In addition to that, it is very expensive to get the card and long shipment period is not a plus.

Transaction Fees

  • $9 card issue for virtual and 50 for physical,
  • Monthly maintenance fee $1,
  • BTC withdrawal from the card 0.5% + $ 1,
  • Cash withdrawal at ATM $ 2.5–3.5
  • Conversion to other currencies 3%

spectrocoin bitcoin debit card

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