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Lendsbay is a digital lending platform for the informal lending market. The informal lending market is a market in which friends, relatives, acquaintances, and other individuals lend money to each other. Banks, credit card issues, mortgage lenders, and leasing providers are not a part of this market. These entities make up the formal lending market. Lendsbay plans to use an app and blockchain technology to solve a lot of the problems that currently exist with the informal lending market, and to make informal lending easier and more secure for both borrowers and for lenders. 


Problems with the Current Informal Lending Ecosystem 

The reason why Lendsbay was founded is because the current informal lending ecosystem just has too many problems. There are six main problems with the current informal lending ecosystem. These problems are no formal loan records, no contracts, no credit history, no integration with the formal lending segment, no market-based mechanism for determining interest rates, and no tools for risk management. 

No loan records and no contracts are a problem because when disputes arise, there is no documentation that displays that a loan agreement or that a contractual agreement ever took place. So, the borrowing party can simply deny that a loan was ever given. This prevents the lender from being able to hold the borrower accountable in the event that the borrower defaults on the loan repayments. It also prevents the borrower from being able to hold the lender accountable if the lender fails to lend the agreed upon amount of money. No credit history is a problem because it prevents lenders from having any idea of the borrower’s creditworthiness. No integration with the formal lending segment is an issue because performance and behavior in the formal lending segment does not carry over to the informal lending segment. No market-based mechanism for determining interest rates is problematic because this can result in random and inconsistent interest rates. Finally no tools for risk management is an issue because there is no credit rating, diversification, or insurance, which makes the entire market riskier. 

lendsbay ico

How does Lendsbay Work? 

Lendsbay has an app that users can download to find informal borrowers or lenders. When they find the lender or the borrower they are looking for, they can agree to a loan amount. A record of this agreement is stored on app, which can be used later on for proof of the terms of the agreement. Through the app, social groups can come together to pool financial resources for lending. These groups are called “bays.” This is ideal for social groups, colleges, clubs, or other groups of people who would rather lend as a part of a group than do it individually. 

Another key feature of the Lendsbay platform is that blockchain technology is used to store the credit rating information of the users. This solves the problem of not being able to determine the borrower’s creditworthiness. The Lendsbay app also uses blockchain technology to facilitate financial transactions between parties on the platform. This helps to keep all transactions organized, secure, and undisputable. Finally, the Lendsbay app creates the elements of an ecosystem for financial relations. These elements include mutual insurance, purchasing, selling items, leasing items, and decision making systems. 

Why Lendsbay? 

The Lendsbay app essentially solves all six key problems with the current informal lending ecosystem. This means that anyone who would like to participate in informal lending can do so with the Lendsbay app in a way that is safe, secure, and much more advanced than without it. Without the Lendsbay app, doing informal lending goes something like this… Joey heard that his friend’s nephew needs a five thousand dollar loan. Joey would like to make some money through lending with interest, so he tells his friend he will give his nephew the $5,000 at a ten percent interest rate. This may seem relatively simple. However, Joey has no idea what his friend’s nephew’s credit score is, he has no idea if the nephew will pay him back, and he has no idea if he would be able to enforce the agreement in a court of law if the nephew did not repay him. So, in short, informal lending can be a nightmare with the current methods available. 

However, with Lendsbay, if Joey wanted to make some money through lending, he could just log onto the Lendsbay app, view available borrowers, check their credit scores, find one he likes, make a loan offer, have that offered accepted, have a record kept for that offer, and lend the money on the app.

lendsbay ico

The money would be sent in cryptocurrency using blockchain technology and the payments would also be sent in cryptocurrency using blockchain technology. So, with Lendsbay, all of the stress, risk, and hassle that currently exists in the informal lending market is eliminated. 

Final Thoughts

Lendsbay is exactly what the informal lending market needs. Right now, it is messy, risky, stressful, and inefficient. Lendsbay could genuinely change all this for anyone who wants to participate in the informal lending market. In fact, Lendsbay could not only fix the existing informal lending market, but it could create new and exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs who really want to dive into this market. Because borrowers will be so much easier to find, and their creditworthiness will be so much easier to determine, informal lenders may be able to quickly scale their lending operations. 

The new Lendsbay digital lending environment will also help to provide convenience and efficiency for informal borrowers who will no longer have to hound their friends and relatives for loans if they get rejected by the banks. So, essentially, Lendsbay has a lot of potential to dramatically improve the informal lending market, and to create new and exciting opportunities both for informal lenders and for informal borrowers. It is a very exciting project, and Lendsbay has the potential to be a solid ICO. 

lendsbay ico review

 Lendsbay has the potential to change the informal lending landscape for the better. It could add security, efficiency, and convenience to this marketplace; all of which are needed and are missing from the currency market. It is an ICO to keep an eye on.

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