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Since the emergence of cloud technology, businesses and private persons alike are storing their data remotely and using SaaS applications.

The cloud space is currently dominated by the likes of IBM, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, as these giants have the capacity to host large amounts of data.

Just like the banks, however, their business relies on a centralized model – a model that will soon be outdated.

As the phenomena of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence become more prevalent in our society, the centralized models will not be able to cope with the increasing amounts of data.

Therefore, it would be advantageous if only there were a decentralized model businesses and consumers could rely on…



According to their website, IAGON’s vision is “to create a Global Supercomputer, powered by Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain Technology”

Essentially, the company aims to marry two of the most revolutionizing technologies of the future: artificial intelligence and blockchain.

IAGON’s developers have created a platform that can be used by anyone on any smart device.

With its sophisticated AI, the platform is incredibly intuitive and only requires basic knowledge to operate.

By utilizing blockchain technology, the platform will furthermore provide its users with more safety than a centralized cloud service ever could.

The best part of it is perhaps the way users will be able to generate revenue for themselves via mining.

Whenever a user’s device is idle, the network will use its processing and storage capabilities, so no power ever goes to waste.

This means that all users in the network will essentially be using each other’s free storage, which is 100% safe due to the encryption.

In sum, IAGON offers a safer, faster, and wider-reaching solution than any current system out there.


So how does it all work?

Since the IAGON ecosystem depends on harnessing the processing and storage capabilities of the users in the network, it will only grow faster, stronger, and smarter as more users join.

As a user, you lend the idle power of your computer, server, data center or smart device, and receive tokens in return as compensation.

These tokens can then be traded for fiat money on any of the major cryptocurrency exchanges.

When you use the network for storage, you can rest assured that it will be safely encrypted – just like when you trade in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

Because the platform will integrate multi-distributed ledger technology, it will be able to utilize the networks of Tangle and Ethereum.

The network will also have contributors, offering their skills and capacities as and when they are available.

The network’s AI will then ensure that the contributors’ price is reasonable, by matching it to their level of expertise.

To summarize

IAGON is set to revolutionize the way we think about cloud technology and cryptocurrency mining.

Forget having to trust the current Internet giants with keeping your data safe in their centralized data centers.

Forget having to dedicate processing power and energy to mine for cryptocurrencies.

All this will change with IAGON.

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