FlipNpik ICO Review

The world of marketing changed with the emergence of social media. No longer would billboards, flyers, magazine adverts, and other traditional methods do the trick. Targeted ads based on personal preference is the presence and the future. While this leveled the playing field between small and big businesses for a while, it quickly became uneven again.

Although small businesses could get much more for their marketing budget via social media ads, big businesses still had much larger budgets — and could outbid the smaller competitors. Fast forward to the present, and you have social media platforms like Facebook now making it even harder to be seen with sponsored ads. FlipNpik is a project dedicated to solving this issue by once again making it feasible for small businesses to be noticed on social media platforms.

What is FlipNpik?

The team behind FlipNpik brands the platform as the first collaborative social media channel for small businesses. The project aims to create an ecosystem in which small businesses can not only promote themselves, but also collaborate with existing and potential customers online. By helping small businesses promote themselves online, users can receive rewards which they can in turn spend with said businesses. With enough collaboration, engagement, and tokens, users can become certified partners of the platform and receive monetary bonuses.

What are the key features of FlipNpik?

The platform is very collaborative, with a scalable infrastructure that makes the potential for growth huge. If successful, it has the potential to boost local economies worldwide. The platform furthermore makes it affordable for small businesses to advertise on social media once again. By using blockchain technology, the platform ensures that the businesses’ hard earned cash is safe and secure during transactions. For the customers and users, the platform provides them with a monetary incentive to engage and collaborate. With this, it also improves the targeted marketing, as customers will actively seek out the kind of businesses they are interested in. This, in turn, will further save the businesses money on promotion. The platform itself is using the Stellar platform, and accepts all the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

What about the FlipNpik token?

The FlipNpik (FNP) is the native currency that will be used on the platform. As such, FNP tokens are utility tokens, of which there will be 425 million for sale during the ICO.

The remainder of the tokens will be allocated to partners, reserves, research and development, operational costs, marketing, and ad hoc expenses. Users of the platform can spend FNP tokens on purchases of products and services they come across on the platform. If a user accumulates enough FNP tokens, they will become Ambassador Partners of the platform. All that is required to become an Ambassador Partner is to deposit 500 FNP tokens into the platform. As a partner of the platform, users will receive 20% bonuses in profits from the platform activities. In order to purchase FNP tokens, users must have access to an Ether wallet and complete a know-your-customers (KYC) procedure.

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