The 5 Best Ethereum Debit Cards (2019)

The 5 Best Ethereum Debit Cards (2019)

The 5 Best Ethereum Debit Cards

Cryptocurrency owners often experience difficulties in spending money, and entrepreneurs try to solve this problem by using debit cryptocurrency cards. It is assumed that you have a certain cryptocurrency – Bitcoin or Ethereum, which only grew at a price of 10%, and you would like to spend profits on a luxury trip or an expensive purchase.

To exchange a certain amount of digital coins for open currency – US dollars, euros, etc. This money was in the bank. Finally, it was possible to spend. Debit cryptocurrency cards. Entrepreneurs may not recognize that cryptocurrencies are publicly available.

A debit cryptocurrency card is similar to a regular debit card. It features the Visa or MasterCard logo. And it works everywhere. Only cryptocurrency wallet. Are you surprised? Let’s take a closer look.


Users can upload unlimited amounts in dollars, British pounds and euros to the cards and use the funds to pay utility bills and landline telephones, television, and the Internet, shopping in stores and transportation services. UQUID also offers electronic wallet services, among partners – Paypal, Western Union, and OKPay. The project team intends to create a platform that allows money transfers using cryptocurrencies, as well as a platform for trading. In the future, with UQUID, launch a coin management fund, as well as build a cryptocurrency shopping system without using cards, which will allow users to make purchases on sites like Amazon and eBay.


Startup TenX has entered into a partnership agreement with the organization Ethereum. The company will develop a debit card for Coin. This evening on April 11, representatives of the organization reported in a blog on their official website. The creator of the cryptocurrency Charlie Lee confirmed this information in a twitter account.

In addition, TenX has added lightcoin support to its mobile wallet without any advance statements or user notifications. The company explained this by the desire to try a new option on a small number of customers who were the first to pay attention to it.


The ShakePay card is one of the first among the growing offer of debit cards with Ethereum support. This is an optimized, simple map that works surprisingly well in its simple form.

Unlike some other cards that have an internal wallet, with ShakePay, you simply send Ethereum to the card replenishment address, and it is converted into a cash balance. Very simple. The lack of an internal wallet means that using Bitcoin, you cannot send a preliminary request for a quick refill, that is, you have to wait several hours each time you decide to replenish your card, but this is not a problem for Ethereum.


The trends of the modern world are subject to the pace of advanced technology. While Ethereum developers are addressing scalability issues and struggling with various vulnerabilities, many blockchain projects are working to integrate cryptocurrencies into everyday human life. One of these projects is Monaco, which will allow anyone who wants to withdraw cryptocurrency directly from an ATM and pay at retail stores using their own debit card Monaco Visa.

Monaco Visa debit cards work wherever Visa is accepted, allowing users to conduct legal tenders for currency conversion into cryptocurrency without commission. All cryptocurrency exchanges for a legal tender will be managed by Monaco before users complete transactions on the Visa network.


TokenCard’s economy is based on TKN tokens (Ethereum, standard ERC20) and the Asset smart contract TKN, which accumulates commissions and manages the income of TKN owners. The full commission for the payment, including the partner company from Visa, will not exceed 1.5%, of which 1% will be sent to the TKN Asset smart contract. Payments secured by TKN tokens, 1% are not charged.

In the future, according to the developers, the main share of tokens on card accounts will be stable cryptocurrencies, such as dai or DGX, linked to fiat currencies or physical assets, but none of them has yet left the testing stage. From the recipients of the payment, TokenCard is an ordinary Visa card, through which payments are made in fiat currencies.ies.

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