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E-sports is a huge global phenomenon, and it is growing faster than any other sport. For that reason, many global brands are keeping an eye on the market for e-sports, as the huge audience is a potential customer base for them. However, up until now, the major brands have run largely ineffective marketing campaigns, which has proven to be an expensive endeavor. The main reason for this is that the brands tend only to engage with the major tournaments and the top team. Meanwhile, the smaller local streamers do not get this attention despite being a perfectly adequate customer base. Another problem facing the brands is that the agencies they use as intermediaries between themselves and the audience do not always know what the audience truly wants. The fact that the marketing agencies eat up a lot of the marketing budget makes this even more unreasonable. This is where EIPlatform enters the picture.

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What is EIPlatform?

The platform proposed in this ICO is an effective method with which brands can connect with audiences without having to go through other intermediaries. The team behind EIPlatform will be using artificial intelligence to conduct a data analysis on all the participants in the e-sports space. This will show which Twitch streamers fans enjoy watching the most. These streamers can then be contacted by brands and sponsored so that their fans can be targeted by the marketing. The native currency of the EIPlatform is the EMI token, which brands can use to gain access to the identified top streamers. Naturally, the platform will be using blockchain technology, which means that all data will be securely handled and safely stored on the decentralized blockchain. EIPlatform will be a great way for brands to gain audience insight, as it will also allow them to incentivize viewers to watch their sponsored streamers, as well as reward the viewers for offering their insight and feedback.

How does it work?

The platform itself will deal with both brands, promoters, streamers and viewers. A brand can endorse a streamer by allocating a number of EMI tokens to the streamer. When a brand has endorsed a streamer on the platform, viewers will then earn these EMI tokens for watching that particular stream. This method of direct advertising completely circumvents the marketing agencies, and thus the brands avoid paying their fees. The money saved on marketing agencies can then be allocated to the marketing budget. From the point of view of the e-sports fans themselves, this is a great incentive to watch a particular streamer as they get monetary rewards for doing so. Brands will also be able to directly get in touch with the potential customer base, which will provide them with further insights. The team behind EIPlatform is also planning on allowing betting companies to participate on the platform in the future. In short, EIPlatform will be a very valuable resource for companies looking to gain data insight and stretch their marketing budget further than they are currently doing.

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