Raises $2 million

Vauld raised $2 million from Pantera, Coinbase Ventures, and others. It happened over a period of four months. Darshan Bathija is the CEO of the company. He said that the investors are happy. The reason is they are helping to build banking with cryptocurrencies.

Planning for the future

Slowly the cryptocurrency started to expand its wings. Many investors and companies are putting their money into it. Recently, the cryptocurrency market started to dominate the financial world and news. Expectations are high that 2021 might be the best year for cryptocurrency. So, the Vauld team started to plan to expand its team. The team is using the funds and planning to increase its team size. The team is expanding from 7 to more than 20. The planning is for having an influential presence in the market. The bank provides better interest rates on the customer’s deposits. The interest ranges from 3% to 11%. It also offers loans on cryptocurrency. Exchange facilities are also available in the bank.
The team at Vauld is expecting to double these interest rates recently. This will yield higher returns. The bank’s primary customers are high net-worth individuals. The CEO said that the customers want better returns. This would not incur capital gains liability.

Quick and calculated steps

The bank’s team said that it will continue to remain friendly with beginners. This will help to get new investors to come and participate in the market. The bank also knows the primary concerns of the beginners. The major issues are the security and safety of the funds. Security is the topmost priority when it comes to cryptocurrency. Moreover, safe access to funds is also a concern. Due to this reason, Vauld partnered with BitGo. BitGo is one of the trusted and reputed brands. In the crypto world, it is a leading brand for wallets. Its wallets are also insured with a sum of $100 million.

Legal perspective

It is already known that there is a lot of ambiguity in cryptocurrency. There is no proper rules and regulations for it. Different countries and states follow different policies for them. The regulatory policies are getting changed very frequently. So, the team at Vauld said that they are working closely on this. They are working with the commodities and regulators. They and their partners will be fully compliant with the regulators.

Creating hold on India

The company started to plan for expanding its operations in India. Currently, it is focusing on hiring more people in India. The plan is to open more branches all over the country. It wants to hire more engineering resources for its development. Its main aim is to make cryptocurrency popular. It is trying to make cryptocurrency a preferred option for banking.
Vauld is a bank dealing with cryptocurrencies. It offers the same kind of products and services as a normal bank. Customers can lend, borrow, and trade with cryptocurrencies. Two eminent personalities run the bank. Darshan Bhatija is the CEO of the bank. Sanju Sony Kurian is the co-founder and CTO of the bank.
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