In a recent tweet by Polkadot, some surprising reveals came forward. This eventually left the community in excitement. They mentioned that Polkadot is preparing a very big improvement. In addition, they are getting ready to launch the Parachains or popularly known as Common Goods.
Polkadot has become one of the most well-known protocols of blockchain. It operates on an exchangeable data interface headed by Govin Wood. Govin was also the co-founder of Ethereum. Polkadot operates with the support of much cutting-edge technology including algorithms like GRANDPA.

What is Parachain?

Parachain came into existence to increase the scalability of the Polkadot architecture. It is probably the last core function that serves as the outline of the Polkadot whitepaper. What’s more, Parachain is already in the testing phase. Also, it is undergoing multiple optimizations and changes. It will be a community-driven initiative as said by Polkadot. Therefore, the community decides what changes and features Parachains should have over time.

When will Parachain Launch?

Polkadot is already well-known for its highly secure platforms. It offers some of the most scalable and innovative ideas. And after the release of its infamous genesis block in May 2020 under their Relay Chain. They are now almost on the edge of launching their very own Parachain network. It will be first launched in their testing phase. After which, by mid-2021, others will be able to enjoy the benefits of Parachain.

Parachain Road-map

A roadmap recently surfaced provided by the official team of Polkadot. They mentioned all the details related to the launch and availability of Parachain.
Insights into the road map:

· Rollout over Major TestNets


Testnet servers like Rococo will receive the first Parachain rollout. Here a number of people will test the limits of Parachain. After the functionality receives multiple positive feedbacks. They will start the registrations for team testing.
Here, the respective Parachain teams will test their work and provide opinions. Then, possible changes will occur to develop its final core functionality. And after the comprehensive necessary routine measures are complete. Polkadot will finally reach its final form.

· Slot Auctions for Kusama Roll-out


Once the thorough testing phase completes and the team is confident. They will launch Parachain on Kusama which is the canary platform for Polkadot. Here, an official slot auction will occur via its governance channel on Kusama. This will serve the purpose of becoming its level-2 testing phase. Here Parachains will operate with real money. This will allow the members to vote for changes if necessary. These votes will occur after a given time-frame. And this will decide slot-auctions and addition of common-good Parachains.

· Live Offerings of Common-Good Parachains


After all the necessary changes are complete and Parachains don’t have any flaws. The community will then allow its live offering and enable common good parachains. The first slot auction of Common-goods will occur via its governance chain. After the success of parachains, Polkadot will successfully achieve its primary goal. After this, the Parachian network can receive many upgrades. Some of them are XCMP and parathreads which are already ready to launch. But all such decisions will be entirely taken by the community members of Polkadot.
Sayan Mitra
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