On February 23, CoinEx revealed that it has successfully burned 1.08 billion CoinEx Token (CET). These tokens were actually for allocation to the team that works at CoinEx. Many exchanges started following this team token strategy. It became a means to boost the team’s morale and did wonders in terms of marketing.  Sources have revealed that this CET burn is the highest of all time by this exchange.

What is CET?

In 2018, CoinEx launched a privilege & service-oriented token. This token provided extra value to the holders and gave them special recognition. Traders could use it for purchasing cryptocurrencies at discounted trading rates. Soon after CoinEx started burning CET at a rapid pace to increase its scarcity. Which yielded extra returns to CET holders. That’s not all, holders of CET tokens are also given many other trading privileges and discounts.

A person with more than a given CET becomes a VIP on CoinEx. This attracts many benefits. Users get multiple discounts, more withdrawal limits, and also a dedicated customer portal. CoinEx’s motive behind this is to encourage holders to hold their tokens for the long-term.

Why did CoinEx Burn CET?

In the world of cryptocurrencies, the meaning of burning is very different. The term burning means sending a usable token into a sealed account. This not only removes that token from the supply, but it also increases their scarcity. To better understand this concept, you can relate it with “buying back shares.” The effects of both the situation are similar on the company that is buying back its shares.

By burning CET CoinEx will reduce the total number of tokens in supply. This makes the remaining tokens that are in circulation more and more valuable. This results in generating a positive return for holders of CET.

How is it Done?

On July 1, 2018, CoinEx decided to invent the burning of CET. They planned to quarterly re-purchase and burn CET at regular intervals. They use 50% of their daily profits from fees to re-purchase CET from the secondary market every day. Then they burn it each quarter. They plan to repeat this cycle until the circulation reaches 3 billion CET.

Although this plan was not so successful at the early stages. But the burning plan has shown a massive increase in their revenues recently. They also have a public portal where everyone can check the live stats of CET.

What is the Current Circulation of CET?

After CoinEx burned 1.08 Billion CET, 4.34 Billion CET are circulating remaining. This accounts for roughly 115 Million USD in market capitalization. In addition, the current burning by CoinEx far exceeds the total mined output of this token. This means it is already in the state of deflation that can yield high returns for investors.

About CoinEx

CoinEx is a Hong Kong-based global crypto exchange which started in late 2017. CoinEx runs on a proprietary trading system. As it helps in providing a fast, secure, and easy-to-understand crypto trading platform. The seed funder for this exchange was a Bitmain-led investor. It is also a subsidiary of the crypto giant ViaBTC group which runs the largest BCH mining setup in the world.

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