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There are over 1500 different kinds of cryptocurrency in circulation. That is a lot of different tokens, and unsurprisingly there are a number of cryptocurrency exchanges available for holders to change one token for another. Cryptocurrency exchanges, however, often require users to register their personal details. While this should not be a huge problem for most honest traders, there is the risk of data leaks. One only has to look at the many recent hacking incidents, where hackers have targeted cryptocurrency exchanges. Not only does this put the cryptocurrency tokens themselves at risk, but also puts personal data in jeopardy. Fortunately, ChangeNOW has a solution to this problem.

What is ChangeNOW?

ChangeNOW is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows people to exchange their cryptocurrency tokens for others. If users, for example, have Bitcoin and want to exchange them for Ethereum, this can be done quickly and easily with ChangeNOW. A cryptocurrency exchange will only take a few minutes. No personal information needs to be entered into the ChangeNOW system. The team behind this ICO has a lot of collective experience with blockchain technology and cryptography, so users of the platform will be in good hands. As an added benefit, there is no minimum or maximum amounts that can be exchanged. This makes it extremely convenient.

How does ChangeNOW work?

In order to use ChangeNOW, users will have to be in possession of a digital wallet with cryptocurrency tokens in it. They can then access the ChangeNOW platform at choosing the cryptocurrency they would like to exchange for. Once this has been selected, the user enters the address to their digital wallet, and confirm the address to ensure all details are entered correctly. ChangeNOW will then provide the user with the address to their digital wallet, to which the user transfers the number of cryptocurrency tokens they would like to exchange. ChangeNOW will then search the ten most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in order to find the best exchange rate. Once this rate has been identified, the cryptocurrencies will be exchanged for the desired tokens, and then transferred back to the user’s digital wallet.

Key features of ChangeNOW

The anonymity provided by ChangeNOW is definitely a key benefit for users who are afraid of their sensitive personal data being leaked. The fact that users do not have to create an account to exchange cryptocurrency also makes it much faster to use than similar services. The ease of use is also convenient, as all users need to exchange cryptocurrency tokens is a digital wallet or a payment card like Visa or MasterCard. ChangeNOW also finds the best exchange rate on behalf of their users, so it saves a lot of time on research. The fees charged by ChangeNOW is only 0.5%, which automatically added to the exchange rate. This makes ChangeNOW very competitive compared to similar platforms.


Overall, ChangeNOW seems like a very promising ICO. It offers all the capabilities of a traditional cryptocurrency exchange, but with many more benefits. The transaction fees are cheap, the exchanges happen quickly, and no account needs to be created to start using the service.

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