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ANXPRO Bitcoin Debit Card Review

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Card Review: ANXPro Bitcoin Debit

The popularity of debit bitcoin cards is growing on the world market in direct proportion to the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies. Along with them, the number of offers of debit bitcoin cards is growing. When choosing your card for the simple use of cryptoactive assets in everyday life, you should consider the features of the services offered. Most of the information about a company offering a bitcoin card is available on its official website. We offer a brief overview of the card offered by the Bitcoin exchange ANX International.

ANXPro cryptocurrency card is one of the most common at this time. Its main feature is a low commission rate: only 1.5% is charged for converting foreign currency (while other manufacturers of BTC cards take 2 times more for their services). Also, ANXPro can be noted a low fee for withdrawing cash from an ATM – 1%. At the same time, most of the existing Bitcoin cards currently charge a fixed rate for cash withdrawals – from 2 to 4 US dollars.

anxpro bitcoin debit card

ANXPro Review

This Bitcoin card is currently supported by two systems – VISA (virtual only) and Mastercard (plastic with a PIN code and a special chip). GBP, EUR or USD are supported as major exchange currencies. Thus, users can pay for purchases / services (online and offline) almost everywhere and, moreover, without commission.

For the release of plastic will have to pay 17 USD. You can order it for 130 countries of the world (whether the card is supported in your country can be found on the official portal of this company), delivery takes about 1-2 months. To issue a card, you will need to go through a verification process, which will require several of your identity and residence documents (the identity verification process takes up to 10 business days).

Bitcoin card itself ANXPro was created in 2014. During all this time of promotion, the company has been actively developing and now users using this system even have the opportunity to synchronize their mobile and online BTC wallets with this debit card. When each card is issued, the BTC address of the user is written on it, this makes it possible to quickly deposit funds into the account or convert them to another currency.

Pros and cons of  ANXPro

From the advantages of ANXPro, it should be noted that the founders of the company do not try to somehow hide the fees for their services or the particularities of using cards. The main feature of ANXPro is the provision of services for unverified users, although there are some restrictions for them. Verified users can make an unlimited number of transactions on the Internet, unverified users are limited to the amount of 1000 USD.

There are several downsides of the card and the main one is that the company issuing cards are located in US and for now company issues cards only in the region of their operation.

anxpro bitcoin debit card

Charged fees

The commission for converting a cryptocurrency Bitcoin to other currencies in the ANXPro system is 1%, and for a transaction in fiat currency – 3%. Thus, in order to pay for the purchase you will have to pay 4% of the commission of the entire amount. Thus, although the commission for conducting operations using the ANXPro Bitcoin card is slightly above average, however, this company really treats its users honestly.

Review recap

The use of Bitcoin cards is increasingly growing among all ordinary investors in the world. Many crypto users currently prefer to keep their savings, not in fiat currencies, but in any known digital currency (for example, in Bitcoin). This allows you to save the capital from inflation, as well as multiply them several times over the long term. Previously, using cryptocurrencies to purchase / pay for services was inconvenient. However, cryptocards now allow you to actively manage digital assets around the world and pay for their purchases. And the commission is charged very small.

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