It’s a happy day for over 70 million customers using the Venmo application from PayPal. Investors can now buy cryptocurrencies using this mainstream gateway. Where they can use digital currencies and wallets to purchase crypto. This becomes a massive step by Venmo to offer a gateway to digital trading. It is currently supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin to current clients.

Additional Features

The brand’s new feature came to the market arena on Wednesday. The new feature came with several video tutorials. The tutorials showcased users how to purchase digital currencies. The company made sure there are enough guides on the App. Where all the videos will explain and answer the frequently asked questions. These videos will also clear myths evolving around digital currencies.

Buying and Processing Cryptocurrencies

From digital wallets, customers can now buy digital currencies using their balance. According to a statement, users can buy via finances connected to their bank accounts. Venmo also announced how they would process these requests. All their digital purchases would go via Paxos Trust, located in New York, for processing.

The Cryptocurrencies Performance

Digital currencies have been performing well since some weeks ago. The industry has become a hotspot for digital trading and investments. The shares and market values are volatile but increase every week. Coinbase had increasing shares flying from 60 percent to nearly 400 dollars. Their stock danced nearly at 328 dollars with all sales recorded. This allowed Coinbase to scoop a market value of around $86 Billion.

How Much is the Crypto on Venmo

The Coronavirus pandemic doesn’t seem to be a hindrance to the booming business any longer. Any prospective customer of PayPal can purchase digital currencies. It can be from as low as 1 dollar. A statement came on Wednesday. It stated that users could click on the menu to navigate through the option “Crypto.” Upon clicking on the “Crypto button,” users should see the opportunity for the purchase.

The Digital Trade Trends

Numbers can tell that the cryptocurrency trade has now become a gold mine. Due to the digital trade performance, we can see big companies talking about crypto. Visa is actively aiding their clients to get crypto trades with financial packages. There is a felt high demand curve due to the increasing numbers of clients interested.
Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin were trading at nearly $11,000 in October. Which was standing at almost $55,000 this month. Soon, we may see Bitcoin in the mainstream market arena due to this curve and performance.
Regardless of the outstanding achievements by Bitcoin and Coinbase. Several miners are not convinced about cryptocurrencies due to their “volatile” characteristics. This volatility is typically geared by speculations to gain from the skyrocketing prices. The absence of tangible valuations also catalyzes this doubt. As “zero assets” leads to unfair valuations.
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