Patience pays, and this is what’s happening to investors possessing Solana and SOL coins. Investors are going to get rewards for being patient for quite some time now. The blockchain system has broken its record of hitting all-time highs. This news is especially good for crypto enthusiasts.

Bull-push to Another Level

Solana blockchain system mainly puts focus on swiftness, cost-saving as well as security. It’s well known for fast transactions and related processes with lowered costs. The advantages are much more in comparison to the Ether blockchain. Such benefits have lured clients to the network and decentralized apps like the NFTs.
It’s a good day for the altcoin, which outshines popular digital currencies like Ether and BTC. This had happened several times back, for instance, in the year 2021. During this time, investors garnered about 1,900 % returns. This was simply because investors held SOL for at least 12 months. With SOL, you find that Layer one ‘kills’ the necessity for Layer two or the scale solution. The scale solution comprises such aspects as MATIC. The framework contributes to swifter transactions for Ether.
This week, August 16, SOL recognized the significance of social interactions. This has not been the case in the last 16 months, according to reports from Santiment. SOL got a push towards the 9th rank by euphoria, therefore, managing to become a leader in the crypto space. Outperforming most of the altcoin economic systems, SOL coins hit a doubled gain. These gains were nearing 100 percent in the past week.

A wormhole is Making the Difference

Few aspects catalyzed the difference in Solana’s economic system. One of them was the introduction of Wormhole. This is another quality framework of the SOL cross-chain. Wormhole links SOL with the Defi platform. This helps in the enhancement of message exchange. Message exchange and the transfer happen within the inter-blockchain system. The move got activated on 9th August before changes in pricing. There is a protocol that facilitates communication among tokens and NFT’s. This also links these tokens to the pricing data and blockchains that didn’t link up before.
Investors can now transfer assets and communicate without delays in the wormhole. This development has set a platform. This is for any project planning to embrace cross-chain liquidation. While that’s the case, SOL will experience a boost, especially to coins within its network.

What Today’s Pricing Means

Today’s pricing is more likely to mark the start of a long-term bull run. This is mainly because rivals like Ether are generally affected by inefficiency. Ether blockchain supports dApp and attracts expensive gas charges and network clogs. Transactions jam along the way, especially when there are network peaks.
Solana’s team is still confident about its potential. They say its blockchain is capable enough to process at least 50k transactions in a given second. This shows how the economic system grows with at least $2B of staked and capitalized tokens.
Kayla Turner
Kayla Turner

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