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5 Crypto Trading Tips You’ll Love (Updated 2019)

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5 Crypto Trading Tips You’ll Love

At the initial stage, many experienced market participants are watching their colleagues’ hobby for digital money, which will pass in a short time. Virtual money that does not have real values, is not material incarnations, even now perceived by sceptics as a large-scale scam or a toy for visionaries.

Nevertheless, gradually the advantages of virtual payment instruments and technologies are becoming more accessible for people who were initially skeptical of cryptocurrencies. Virtual coin owners can easily make payments around the world. The received intangible money, in turn, can convert funds into the right currency using special exchanges.

crypto trading tips

Tip #1: Trade as carefully as possible.

Any investment is a risk, analysts say. Cryptocurrency is the same risky direction of investment as any other market sector. However, the risks of investing in Bitcoin are higher than the risks of investing in stocks or commodities. The cryptocurrency market is still very young, so a trader must understand the danger that this or that step carries to his funds.

Never invest all your funds in Bitcoin at once. This can not be done even if you are tempted to get a huge profit. Indeed, Bitcoin has risen in price recently. However, in the first stage, you can only invest part of your money. The remaining funds can be invested in other cryptocurrencies. After a certain time, you can invest in Bitcoin even more, but also not in a hurry, but think over each step as much as possible.

Tip #2: Invest what you can lose

No matter how trite this advice may sound, it is extremely archival. Have a good salary, and the loss of $ 500 will not cause serious damage to your finances and will not cause family quarrels? Great: you can safely invest them in trading. If this is your salary for the last couple of months and, having lost this money, you will have nothing to buy food … Obviously, in this case – not the most sensible waste of money. Investing too much money in a single transaction can also do more harm than good. The fear of losing a rather large amount can seize a trader, which will most likely lead to a series of fatal actions. You are more likely to be led by the market or the crowd, making mistakes.

Tip #3: No need to invest blindly

There will always be scammers who want to make money on new investors. They will recommend you to buy an ICO token with the promised hundredfold growth in a few months. A reasonable investor will always make decisions and carry out analysis on his own in order to assign responsibility for the achieved results only to himself.

Tip #4: Think with your head

In the Telegram and other resources, there is enough information that promises fabulous profits to traders. Trading signals, of course, are efficient and timely, many of them really help to make money, but you should not blindly rely only on someone’s word. A reckless decision that can cost you dearly. Any professional trader, even having “caught” a promising signal, before buying a coin according to a third-party recommendation, will conduct his own mini-research of the asset in which he is going to invest. In addition to studying the forums, the information in the media and open sources, it would not be superfluous to review the Whitepaper project and consult with experts, if any.

Tip #5: Invest not only in cryptocurrency but also in traditional assets.

A professional trader will never invest all his money in risky assets. A novice investor must take into account all risk factors and invest his money not only in bitcoins but also in stocks and bonds. Thus, you can get a guaranteed income and minimize losses that will occur if you make a wrong investment. Investors like to say that it’s wrong to put all your eggs in one basket. Therefore, a novice investor should take into account such advice when building his strategy.

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